The Challenge OG season spoilers: Spinoff show cast revealed including former champions

mark long on the challenge season 22
Mark Long’s The Challenge OG season cast is rumored to be quarantining. Pic credit: CBS All-Access

The Challenge OG season spoilers and rumors are starting to come in as it appears reality TV veteran Mark Long’s project is finally underway, with the spinoff cast revealed online.

Early spoilers indicate that there are male and female cast members, who have traveled to the filming location, with alternates on standby if anyone tests positive for COVID-19.

Keep in mind, there will be spoilers for the spinoff season, tentatively called The Challenge: We Want OGs, in this article, including names of competitors set to appear on the show.

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Who is in the cast for The Challenge OG season 1?

It seems that longtime fans of the show, or even newer fans, are in for a treat as familiar faces from the past and present will be a part of The Challenge OG season 1. That includes multiple-time winners Darrell Taylor, Abram “Abe” Boise, Derrick Kosinski, and the man behind the concept, two-time winner Mark Long.

They’ll be joined by former one-time The Challenge winners Syrus Yarbrough and Nehemiah Clark. Former competitors Ace Amerson, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Laterrian Wallace, Teck Holmes, and Yes Duffy are also listed for the spinoff.

Among the female cast members, fans could see 14-time Challenge competitor Aneesa Ferreira headline the show. She’s rumored to be joined by Real World: Las Vegas stars Arissa Hill and Trishelle Cannatella.

A few former female winners are also tentatively expected on the cast. Road Rules: Campus Crawl’s Kendal Sheppard and Road Rules: The Quest’s Katie Doyle have won before on The Challenge. Katie’s former castmates, Sophia Pasqui and Jisela Delgado are set to appear, as is four-time Challenge competitor Kellyanne Judd.

The cast also tentatively includes The Real World: Los Angeles’ Beth Stolarczyk, Real World: Hawaii’s Ruthie Alcaide, and Fresh Meat’s Casey Cooper, per a Vevmo forum spoiler thread.

So far, Aneesa and Darrell are the only cast members listed for We Want OGs that are part of the currently-airing The Challenge: Double Agents season on MTV.

What else is known about the spinoff show?

As mentioned, alternate cast members may be on standby to appear on The Challenge OG season, so the names above may not be the final cast. It’s been revealed through that same spoiler thread that cast members left to quarantine in Texas, but it’s unknown where they will travel to next for filming.

The show is coming out thanks to original Road Rules and The Challenge star Mark Long. He scored a deal last year to begin work on an old school spinoff season featuring former cast members. Long, a former Challenge winner, partnered with Bunim/Murray, the production company behind The Challenge and many other reality shows.


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Mark last appeared on The Challenge Season 22, aka Battle of the Exes, currently available with many other previous seasons on CBS All-Access. Two other seasons of The Challenge went to Netflix this past December, which helped push rumors that the OG season would happen.

The Vevmo spoiler thread currently lists The Challenge’s TJ Lavin as the host for the show, which would be a great way to reminisce as he’s hosted so many seasons of the show during its time on MTV. TJ currently hosts The Challenge: Double Agents.

As far as what the OG show’s format will be, when it will be done filming, and when it will officially come out, that’s to be announced. However, just seeing the bit of information that has arrived should have Challenge fans quite excited to see what this season will involve.

At the very least, seeing some of the familiar faces from past installments of the competition series should have longtime fans anticipating the first teaser or trailer.

The Challenge: We Want OGs season release date is TBA. The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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