The Challenge seasons going on Netflix spark rumors that OG series is on the way

the challenge coming to netflix sparks og rumors
Evan Starkman and Mark Long on The Challenge: Duel II. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge

A big announcement has arrived about The Challenge and could indicate that the OG series many fans have been hoping for will happen.

It’s been revealed that Netflix will have The Challenge episodes available, which could be paving the way for the new Mark Long project to also be there.

The news arrived on social media, with past and present Challenge stars, as well as fans, commenting on the exciting announcement.

When and why is The Challenge going on Netflix?

First up, don’t panic, as The Challenge isn’t leaving MTV. The new Season 36 aka Double Agents, will be premiering on MTV in December.

However, based on recent social media shares of a “Coming to Netflix” screenshot, several older seasons of The Challenge are going onto the streaming media giant as of December 15.

Scott Yager, who co-hosts Challenge Mania Podcast with former Challenge star Derrick Kosinski, posted the screenshot on his Instagram.

“Boom! There you have it! @challengemtv coming to NETFLIX! #ChallengeMania,” Yager wrote in the caption.

the challenge seasons going to netflix
Pic credit: @scottofyager/Instagram

As seen in the screenshot above, it appears only to be Season 10 and Season 13 of MTV’s The Challenge going onto Netflix. Season 10 was Inferno II, while Season 13 was The Duel, which aired in 2006. Both were still under the Real World/Road Rules Challenge show name.

Fans will see familiar faces on those seasons, including stars Chris “CT” Tamburello, Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, and Aneesa Ferreira on Season 13.

Scott’s post about The Challenge seasons on Netflix brought a few of the MTV show’s competitors into the comments.

Recent Total Madness star, Rogan O’Connor, commented, “NO WAY.”

Scott’s Challenge podcast co-host, Derrick Kosinski, wrote “OG,” while Tori Hall Gwinn clicked “Like” on the post.

It’s worth noting that the MTV website and associated apps allow viewers to watch some of the recent seasons of The Challenge. A cable or satellite subscription is required.

CBS All Access, which is a monthly subscription-based streaming service, also has older seasons of the show. Now, Netflix will also have some of the show, with at least those two seasons shown in the screenshot.

Mark Long’s OG project is in progress

The OG project is something Mark Long has been trying to get going. Mark famously appeared on Road Rules before eventually transitioning to MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge shows.

He was a winner in each of his first two appearances, including the original Real World/Road Rules Challenge and Battle of the Sexes. He also competed on Battle of the Sexes 2, The Gauntlet, The Duel II, and the first Battle of the Exes season.

He’s retired from The Challenge shows that MTV has these days but is trying to bring out a new series featuring The Challenge OGs. Long has said this would basically feature the older competitors in a less intense environment, where there wouldn’t be all the fighting and drama as compared to MTV’s current series.

It would allow longtime fans of the series to see some of their all-time favorites hanging out, having fun, and competing again. Long had previously indicated online that The Challenge OGs cast list was narrowed down.

Just this past Friday, Long tweeted about his excitement that he had a “big lunch meeting” with Bunim Murray. They’re the entertainment production company behind Real World, Road Rules, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and The Challenge, among others.

mark long tweet challenge ogs series
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

Based on Yager’s IG post above about Netflix and the fact Long has things moving forward as far as meeting with Bunim Murray, it seems easy to speculate. The Challenge OGs could very well be on the way in the future.

As for when OGs might come out, that’s unknown. However, those old seasons of The Challenge on Netflix may give viewers a refresher (or introduction) to some of the new show’s cast members.

Fans can follow the We Want OGs Instagram or Mark’s Twitter for the latest updates on the project happening. Until then, it seems CBS Access, Netflix, and MTV will have plenty of The Challenge for fans to satisfy their cravings.

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9, at 8/7c on MTV.

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