The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers reveal Episode 3 mission, castmates at odds before elimination

jasmine reynaud and laterrian wallace in the challenge all stars 2
The Challenge OGs Jasmine Reynaud and Latterian Wallace in All Stars 2, Episode 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

The OGs will continue to battle it out for a chance to run in TJ Lavin’s final with The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 3. Based on a preview of the next episode, tempers may flare again as castmates try to work together for the daily mission.

Additionally, several scenes reveal potential elimination talk ahead of the upcoming second elimination. One cast member is in tears, and another is vowing not to use their power to help a certain castmate.

There will be The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers in this report, including reveals about the winners of the first daily challenge and elimination, plus a look at what’s ahead in Episode 3.

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Who won and went home in The Challenge: All Stars 2 eliminations?

In The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 2, viewers were able to see the team that won the first daily mission, Derrick Kosinski and Jodi Weatherton, decide on four nominees for elimination. They talked to Ayanna Mackins and Nehemiah Clark, the losing team in that first mission, about who they’d want to face.

While Ayanna didn’t name any names and said she was ready for whoever, Nehemiah gave them two potential opponents. They were Ryan Kehoe and Derek Chavez. He was irritated later to find out that Derrick and Jodi chose Steve Meinke instead of his first choice, Ryan. However, they gave him Derek, and so did most cast members by voting for him later.

For the women, Derrick and Jodi selected Leah Gillingwater as someone with the fewest connections amongst cast members. The other pick was Casey Cooper, who clearly had plenty of friends in the game, as the votes mainly went towards Leah at the cast’s meeting.

At The Lair, TJ Lavin told them they’d be competing as individuals with Nehemiah against Derek and Ayanna against Leah. The event was called Dead Weight and involved pulling heavy coffins across the ground.

To pull them, competitors had to solve a puzzle, open the coffin and grab the long, heavy chain out of it to pull across to the other side. The first one to get three coffins done with their chains secured on posts at the other side of the battlefield would win.

In the guys’ matchups, Nehemiah seemed to have a solid headstart, but Derek caught up. In the end, Nehemiah was just stronger and faster in completing the mission to earn the win. Derek was playing for his younger sister, who he revealed took her life just before he left on the trip for All Stars 2.

For the ladies, Ayanna summoned some raw emotional power and seemed to breeze through the mission. Meanwhile, Leah struggled with the carabiner she needed to unhook at the start and then struggled to pull the coffin.

After Ayanna won, Leah was on the ground in tears. Ayanna went over and helped Leah drag her coffin to the other side so that she wouldn’t quit on getting part of the elimination event done. Their castmates became emotional over a special moment.

All Stars 2, Episode 3 trailer shows next mission and upset castmates

After the episode, a trailer for The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 3, arrived from Paramount Plus. The preview footage has host TJ Lavin revealing the new mission called Around the Block, which looks like an event with larger teams.

The trailer doesn’t reveal specifics of the mission, but it appears to involve a large puzzle consisting of shapes that cast members need to retrieve and arrange. Former Road Rules star Tina Barta mentions that it’s particularly hot, which seems to be getting to various individuals. Could that cause a few blowups amongst the OGs?

In another scene, Sophia Pasquis is in tears, possibly due to someone she felt had her back not having it or due to tension between her and a friend in the cast.

“We were homies, but now there’s something,” a teary-eyed Sophia tells several castmates in her room.

“Did I do something wrong? Was it that bad? Doesn’t make any sense,” Ayanna says in a quick confessional clip.

In another part of the above trailer, Jodi is talking to castmate Kendal Sheppard and reveals she knows who she won’t be saving when it comes to the elimination. That’s Tina, who Jodi says should be “very, very afraid.”

Interestingly, Jodi’s comments arrive after the Episode 2 elimination winners received a unique power. After they won, TJ informed Nehemiah and Ayanna they now held a Lifeshield they could use to save themselves or another cast member from potential elimination.

It should be interesting to see if somehow Jodi obtains that power or is in a position to nominate castmates for elimination.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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