The Bachelorette viewers rally around Nayte and slam Chris S for trying to take him down

Chris Sutton and Nayte Olukoya on The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette viewers have dubbed Chris Sutton the new villain after he came for fan-favorite Nayte Olukoya. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers have weighed in on the latest drama and it seems that they aren’t thrilled with Chris Sutton’s behavior — especially the way he treated frontrunner Nayte Olukoya.

The Bachelorette Season 18 already has a long list of villains. It’s safe to say that Chris S. is the new villain of the house and joins the ranks of Ryan Fox, Peter Izzo and Jamie Skaar.

During last night’s episode, Michelle expressed that she felt like she wasn’t “being seen” as the men played games and made stuffed teddy bears during the sleepover date.

Michelle addressed the issue with the winners of the group date and the men were able to console her.

Chris S., however, decided to rehash the issue ahead of the rose ceremony. He took shots at men who he felt thought they “had it in the bag.”

All in all, viewers felt Chris S. was creating more problems than he was solving and have dubbed him the next villain.

One viewer expressed that Chris S. thought he was the white knight but really came across as a villain like Lord Farquaad.

Another viewer tweeted, “Chris S is the work-obsessed fiancé that gets dumped for the small town lumberjack in a Hallmark movie.”

Yet another user expressed that Bachelor Nation was ready to “slap someone through the internet,” and that someone was Chris S.

The Bachelorette viewers slam Chris S for coming for Nayte

Viewers got especially angry once Nayte was thrown into the drama. Chris S. specially called Nayte out to Michelle which prompted Michelle to confront Nayte.

This came after Nayte reassured himself that his time for a one-on-one date would come after Rick got the second one-on-one.

Viewers were not ok with Chris S. trying to assassinate Nayte’s character.

“Chris S had absolutely no reason to do any of this to Nayte,” one user tweeted.

“Keep Nayte’s name out of your mouth Chris S,” another demanded.

One viewer specifically addressed the moment when Chris tried to pin his actions on Michelle.

“Chris S talking about Michelle probed him for an answer leading to Nayte’s name,” they wrote.

Another shared the reason why Chris S. felt the need to take Nayte down,

They tweeted, “Chris S., you were so insecure by Nayte’s confidence that you felt the need to leave your lane. Nah, sit down.”

The Bachelorette viewers defend Nayte’s ‘confidence’

The Bachelorette viewers even gave their own insight into Nayte saying he’d get a date card in the future.

“I don’t think Nayte was being cocky, I think he was just disappointed his name wasn’t on the card (like the rest of them) and was more giving himself a little pep talk,” one fan tweeted.

“Nayte isn’t cocky. He’s confident,” another expressed, adding, “That man commands the room without even uttering a word!”

A third viewer revealed the true reason they think Nayte is confident and that viewers love him so much.

“‘Nayte thinks he’s got everything in the bag’ Well DUH, Chris S. just look at him!” They exclaimed.

Chris S. got the final rose of the night from Michelle so it’s likely the drama will continue for at least another week.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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