Michelle Young felt ‘unseen’ during a group date with guys who would rather bro out

Michelle Young sits on a teddy bear looking upset
Michelle Young looked upset during the slumber party group date. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young brought her guys on a group date this week, and they had a slumber party! Wow, so different from every other day where they’re all in a hotel together.

There was cotton candy, a popcorn machine, giant teddy bears, foot baths, and face masks; it was every little girl’s dream.

So, why wouldn’t a bunch of grown men get into it and hang out with each other while the girl they are supposed to be competing for sits around waiting for someone to come and talk to her? Seriously, the teddy bear Michelle was sitting on got more action than she did.

At one point, Michelle had to call Clayton over and his response was, “You want me?” No Clayton, the teddy bear next to you. Don’t take a drink every time you read the word teddy bear, you won’t make it through this article.

Michelle asked a producer why she was even on the group date

Some kind of carnival music played in the background while Michelle said to a producer, “Why the f**k am I here? She later said during an on camera interview, “And then, this feeling of being unseen, it’s like, that excitement just goes out the door.”

At one point, the guys decide to play Duck Duck Goose, and one of them can be heard saying, “Should we wait for Michelle or just play without her?”

Later on in the date, we’re introduced to WWE stars The Bella Twins and the guys get into, it’s hard to say, a wrestling match? A pillow fight? They were beating each other with teddy bears. The juxtaposition was interesting, but that was pretty much it.

Someone has been keeping these guys indoors too long without any contact with the outside world apparently.

The guys get their feet and faces done on a group date
The guys get a spa treatment during the slumber party group date. Pic credit: ABC

Unfortunately for Michelle, she was left sighing on her own at the end, and it was written all over her face how hurt she was.  She told the camera, “I try not to sweat the small stuff, but not being seen is definitely something that, I’m realizing, truly hurts me.”

Michelle let the guys know she was upset during the after party

During the group date after party, she very deliberately told the guys what was on her mind. She said, “I always said I’m going to be 100 percent transparent with you, and as much as I wish I would’ve left today’s group date feeling excited and great, that honestly wasn’t the case.” Yikes! It was the Bachelor group date equivalent of “we need to talk.”

There were a lot of pauses, some uncomfortable silence, tense music, and a bunch of guys who look like they were just scolded by their fifth-grade teacher.

She told the guys how they heard her read a poem about “not being seen” just the week before during a poetry date, explaining how she was often the only person of color in the classroom and didn’t get dates.

 She continued, “And if I’m being completely honest with you, I feel like I’m putting in so much effort to make small moments with you guys, but I don’t necessarily feel like that’s being reciprocated. And that doesn’t mean that I need these massive romantic gifts or gestures, I honestly just want like, a ‘hello’ during the date.”

Jeez, Michelle, don’t set the bar so high for these guys.

Michelle Young tells the guys how she feels on a group date
Michelle Young told the guys she felt “unseen” during the group date after party. Pic credit: ABC

Olu got the group date rose after his tearful heart to hear with Michelle

Olu, sweet Olu, basically the human version of a teddy bear, teared up, and told Michelle how he watched his sisters go through the same thing. Their heart-to-heart lead to Olu getting the group date rose.

Let’s hope the guys remember they are on The Bachelorette and not some reality show called Bro Out.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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