The 10 best Duggar sisters fashion looks of all time

Duggar sisters hanging out.
Joy-Anna, Jinger, Jessa, Jill, and Jana Duggar all have upped their fashion game. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

The Duggar daughters aren’t exactly known for their fashion choices. 

Well, except maybe Jinger Duggar, who is easily the resident fashionista of the bunch. 

On occasion, though, there are some noteworthy outfits worn by the sisters. They have branched out a bit with their style and wardrobe choices. 

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Jinger led the way when it came to wearing pants. Several of the Duggar sisters have been seen in them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they make the list of the best fashion of all time. 

Some of the best looks come from things no one expected them to wear, and others from when they dressed up and stunned followers with their glamorous attire. 

These are the 10 best fashion looks of all time from the Duggar sisters. 

Jill Duggar and the red dress she wore for Derick Dillard’s graduation 

Seeing Jill Duggar in the red dress she wore to Derick Dillard’s graduation from law school caused quite a stir. 

Typically, Jill wears hippie-ish attire. She is a free spirit, and while she has worn dresses and skirts for most of their life due to family rules, a form-fitting red dress that hit above the knee was something special. 

She knocked it out of the park when she chose the dress. 

Jinger Duggar in a yellow dress 

Yellow is clearly Jinger Duggar’s color. 

She stunned in the yellow dress she wore while showing off flowers Jeremy Vuolo gave her. 

The dress hit around knee-length, had longer sleeves, and looked like sunshine. 

Jinger has worn some interesting pieces, but this one is one of her all-time bests. 

Jessa Duggar in a pink ruched maternity dress 

When it comes to pregnancy fashion, Jessa Duggar has rocked the looks she’s chosen. 

This photo was taken less than a week before she welcomed Ivy Jane Seewald in May 2019. Jessa was unaware she was so close to welcoming her baby girl and made sure to get one last bump picture.

The ruched maternity dress was a perfect color for Jessa, and she showed off her 38-week baby bump. 

Adding a hat to the outfit pulled it all together, proving Jessa is the queen of being fashionable while pregnant. 

Joy-Anna Duggar in a mustard sweater dress 

Dressing up hasn’t always been a priority for Joy-Anna Duggar. She is the tomboy of the family, often hanging out with her brothers and getting down and dirty with whatever project they were working on. 

When Joy-Anna Duggar does get dressed up, she always rocks it. From early in 2019, this outfit was a mustard-colored sweater dress paired with black tights and almost knee-high grey boots. 

She was right on time for the trend and looked great while wearing something that still fit the dress code she grew up with and was comfortable. 

Jana Duggar in a flowy floral dress 

As the only single Duggar sister, Jana Duggar still lives under her parents’ roof. She has to abide by their rules, so her fashion choices are more subtle. 

This floral print medium green colored dress was perfect for Jana. She looks feminine and dainty, just as the Duggar women are taught they should. 

Her choice of sandals with chunky heels paired perfectly with the dress and made this outfit one of the best Duggar fashion choices of all time. 

Jill Duggar in jeans and a sweater 

Modeling for her cousin, Amy Duggar King, has been something Jill Duggar has embraced. She has done several shoots while wearing clothing from 3130, but this outfit marked a special moment. 

Jeans were taboo for the Duggar daughters growing up, so seeing Jill Duggar wearing ripped jeans and an oversized striped neutral sweater looked terrific. 

It was an inside look into what Jill considered fashionable, and it was nice enough to make the list of all-time Duggar fashion looks. 

Jinger Duggar in black jeans and a jean jacket 

Matching little sisters are adorable, but matching adult sisters isn’t as common. Jinger and Jana Duggar broke the mold when they dressed alike and posed for a photo. 

Jinger rocked black jeans with a black t-shirt and a jean jacket. Jana stuck with a black skirt, but also a jean jacket. 

Since fashion and trendy are Jinger’s things, it was nice to see Jana go along with her little sister’s idea. She didn’t make the leap to pants at that moment, but she has since worn pants in public.

Black is classic for everyone, and a denim jacket is an added bonus. 

Jessa Duggar in jean skirt 

Jeans have been a fashion no-no for the Duggar daughters. In the last few years, though, it’s become less taboo and more accepted. 

During a conference she attended, Jessa Duggar wore a knee-length light jean skirt. She paired it with a long-sleeve gray shirt. 

Her hair was worn long and curled at the bottoms. The whole outfit looked very hip and modern, which is why it made the all-time best list. 

Joy-Anna Duggar in a light purple dress 

Dressing up isn’t par for the course when it comes to Joy-Anna Duggar. She is typically seen wearing a t-shirt and comfortable skirt, dressed down. 

When Joy-Anna does dress up, though, she does it right. A few weeks ago, she and Austin Forsyth attended Nathan Bates’ wedding, and she looked amazing while showing off her outfit.

A light purple dress that hit above the knee was the perfect choice for her. She chose to wear some chunky sandals with it, and while it wasn’t a smooth match, they looked okay. 

She knocked it out of the park with the dress, which is why it made the best look list. 

Jana Duggar in a white striped dress with a brown jacket  

Most of the time, Jana Duggar sticks to simple looks. She isn’t over the top with glitz and glamour, which is why when she wears something that stands out, Counting On followers talk about it for days. 

While she made an appearance at a town festival, Jana showed out by wearing a white dress with thin horizontal stripes. She paired it with a brown jacket, making it look even better. It was unclear what kind of sleeves the dress had, but it was likely at least short sleeves like a t-shirt. 

She paired the outfit with flats, which brought everything together. Jana Duggar may not be the most fashionable Duggar, but when she decides to get dressed up a bit, she definitely makes the list of the best fashion looks of all time.

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