Terrance Higgins from Big Brother 24 talks about rapper cousin who died, Juice WRLD (Jarad Higgins)

Terrance BB24 Photo
Terrance Higgins finished in seventh place on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Terrance Higgins revealed something interesting on the Big Brother live feeds late Wednesday evening, leading to many shocked fans of the show.

While having a conversation with Head of Household Matt Turner about how the game is progressing, Terrance mentioned his cousin Jarad, leading to a lot of people wondering who he was referring to.

It turns out that Terrance Higgins is the cousin of rapper Jarad Higgins, who went by the name Juice WRLD.

Unfortunately, Juice WRLD died in 2019, shortly after he had turned 21. The rapper, singer, and songwriter suffered a seizure and passed away due to a drug overdose.

During his pre-show interviews for Big Brother 24, Terrance didn’t mention his relation to Jarad, but he felt the information was worth sharing with people he trusts in the house.

While speaking with Turner on the live feeds, Terrance did mention that at least one other person in the house knows that information.

Terrance did an interview after Jarad’s passing

Previously, Terrance did a podcast interview where he spoke about losing his cousin, which can be listened to below. Be aware that a lot of NSFW language is expressed in the recording.

Terrance shares his secret with Turner on Big Brother live feeds

Below is a clip from the Big Brother live feeds where Terrance and Turner briefly talk about Jarad, though they don’t go into a lot of details about the relationship.

Big Brother fans caught off guard

Since there was no context to what Terrance and Turner were seen talking about on the Big Brother live feeds, it caught a lot of fans off guard that it was a topic of conversation. It led to a lot of people turning to social media to ask questions about the name of Terrance’s cousin.

Big Brother spoilers about Terrance Higgins

There has been a lot of chaos on the live feeds involving Terrance as a really important Eviction Ceremony draws near. Only read on if you want to learn some of the important spoilers in that regard.

At the Week 3 Veto Meeting, Turner put Terrance and Ameerah Jones on the block as his replacement nominees. Turner and The Leftovers want to get Ameerah out of the house, which means that Terrance is basically a pawn this week.

Turner wanted to assure Terrance that he was safe, which is why the above conversation took place. As it stands, Terrance should survive to play in Week 4, and a new wrinkle to the Besties twist will be presented when he is left with no partner.

Big Brother 24 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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