Teen Mom OG viewers think Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are headed for divorce

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney of Teen Mom OG
Are Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney headed for divorce? Teen Mom OG fans think they are. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney’s recent behavior has Teen Mom OG viewers saying they’re on the verge of a divorce.

Teen Mom OG viewers first called out Maci’s “ridiculous” behavior towards Taylor earlier this season, during the Nov. 16 episode.

During the scene that enraged Teen Mom OG fans, Maci picked a bone with Taylor when he arranged for help with their kids while she wasn’t feeling well.

Maci Bookout’s behavior towards Taylor McKinney has changed

Maci thought Taylor’s actions were out of line and she continued to argue with him until he ended up calmly walking away, confused by her aggression.

On last week’s season finale of Teen Mom OG, Maci once again mistreated Taylor, further upsetting viewers.

During a cringe-worthy date with Taylor, Maci nearly fell asleep as she seemed intoxicated and disinterested in being on a date with her husband.

At one point, Maci told Taylor that she stays with him because she “likes” him after he said his reason was love.

Now, Teen Mom OG viewers think that Maci and Taylor’s behavior means the couple is headed for Splitsville.

Teen Mom OG viewers think Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are headed for divorce

One Teen Mom OG fan took to Reddit to create a thread they called “Taylor Realizing His Marriage is F**ked” that included a video clip of Maci and Taylor’s date from this season’s finale.

Of course, Teen Mom OG viewers had plenty to say about the future of Maci and Taylor’s marriage.

One Redditor was annoyed that Maci paid more attention to smoothing her hair than she did to her husband talking to her.

They commented, “B***h stop touching your hair and LISTEN to your HUSBAND.”

Another Teen Mom OG viewer agreed with their comment and wrote, “Soon to be EX-husband!”

teen mom og fans discussed maci and taylor's marriage on reddit
Pic credit: u/GingerEmoji/Reddit

“Taylor is drafting his tinder profile as he stares into the abyss,” joked one Teen Mom OG fan who felt that Taylor already checked out of the marriage.

One commenter felt that Taylor wasn’t deserving of Maci’s mistreatment and wrote, “Taylor deserves better.”

Assuming that Maci and Taylor are headed for divorce, another commenter replied, “And I hope Taylor gets it with his next wife!”

Maci Bookout’s storyline on Teen Mom OG

Maci and Taylor, who have been married for five years, have a much different storyline this season without Maci’s ex and baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, and his family, who was fired from MTV back in March.

This season on Teen Mom OG, Maci’s storyline has revolved mostly around her PTSD and PCOS diagnoses.

Maci witnessed a deadly gas station shooting last season that led to her PTSD diagnosis and she’s struggled with PCOS for several years and has talked about it on the show.

It looks like moving forward, Maci’s storyline might revolve more around her marriage to Taylor, assuming they – and the show – have what it takes to make it last.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus. Check back soon for premiere dates for the Teen Mom OG reunion and Teen Mom spinoff specials.

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