Teen Mom OG viewers blast Maci Bookout’s ‘ridiculous’ behavior towards husband Taylor McKinney

Taylor McKinney and Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG viewers were confused by Maci Bookout’s behavior towards her husband, Taylor McKinney. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout came under fire by Teen Mom OG viewers for her “ridiculous” attitude towards her husband, Taylor McKinney.

MTV released a preview clip for Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG on their Instagram page. (There are spoilers below.)

While Maci wasn’t feeling well due to her PCOS on last week’s episode, the clip revealed that Taylor made an effort to take some of the burdens of their hectic schedules off Maci.

Maci Bookout ‘picks a bone’ with Taylor McKinney on Teen Mom OG

So Taylor took it upon himself to call Maci’s friend and ask her if she would pick up their daughter, Jayde, from school because Maci wasn’t feeling well and was resting in bed.

Maci’s friend agreed to pick up Jayde so that Taylor could arrange to pick up his and Maci’s other two kids, sons Bentley and Maverick.

Later in the clip, Maci interrupted Taylor on his laptop to “pick a bone” with him, which took him, and viewers, by surprise.

Taylor was taken aback when Maci told him that she didn’t appreciate him making decisions about their kids without consulting her first.

Taylor responded, “In my mind, as your husband, I was helping you out on a day you didn’t feel good.”

That wasn’t enough for Maci and she continued to press Taylor, eventually enough that he got up and walked away to end the senseless argument she started.

Teen Mom OG viewers were just as shocked as Taylor at Maci’s behavior and took to the comments section to sound off.

Teen Mom OG viewers blast Maci for her ‘ridiculous’ attitude towards Taylor

teen mom og viewers blasted maci bookout for her behavior towards taylor
Teen Mom OG viewers thought Maci was in the wrong. Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

“Girl bye?,” commented one of Maci’s critics. “do good to get a man that gives af like that.”

Another critic wrote, “She sounds so ridiculous and I hope she apologized to Taylor for this!”

One Teen Mom OG fan had to take Taylor’s side in the argument. They wrote, “i love maci but shes wrong on this onee”

“She complain to much omg!!” voiced another disgruntled viewer.

One confused Teen Mom OG fan simply commented, “girl …… huh?”

After last week’s episode showed Maci resting in bed because of her PCOS symptoms, the Teen Mom OG veteran found herself on the defensive.

When a Teen Mom OG viewer, who also suffers from PCOS, called out Maci for overplaying her disease, Maci fired back, telling her hater, “I do house work, run my businesses, pick my kids up & get them to their extra curricular activities, make dinner etc. What I do NOT do, is criticize anyone suffering from PCOS!”

Maci's tweet
Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

Tune in tomorrow night to see the aftermath of Maci and Taylor’s argument and what’s going on with the rest of the cast.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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