Viewers wonder if Teen Mom OG will be canceled as ratings continue to drop to dismal lows

Teen Mom OG cast
Ratings for Teen Mom OG are on the decline again and viewers wonder if the show will be canceled soon. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG viewers are questioning how much longer the show has before it will be canceled amid its “horrible” ratings.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, ratings for Season 9B of Teen Mom OG were the show’s lowest ever.

An all-time low of 405,000 viewers tuned in for Teen Mom OG Season 9B after following Season 9A, which fared slightly better, averaging views in the 600,000 range.

The Tuesday, November 16 episode of Teen Mom OG only managed to bring in a measly 395,000 viewers, however, per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Teen Mom OG viewers have expressed that they’re growing bored of the moms’ storylines and think they’re outgrowing the show.

Some fans took to Reddit where they discussed the possibility of Teen Mom OG being canceled due to continually plummeting ratings.

Teen Mom OG viewers discuss canceling show amid dismal ratings

One Teen Mom OG viewer took to the comments and said they’ll wait until the Teen Mom spinoff show airs before they decide whether or not they want the show canceled.

“I’ll reserve judgement until after we see this all teen mom getaway special,” their comment read.

redditors discussed canceling teen mom og
Pic credit: u/kellie0105/Reddit

Cast members from Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, past and present, were asked to film the Teen Mom spinoff show.

The show has wrapped filming, but it certainly did not go off without a hitch. There were several reports of altercations that turned physical between castmates and the locals in San Diego County who said they were “embarrassed” by the “trash” filming in their community.

“If not for ratings, cancel it because there’s nothing left in the gas tank,” commented another Teen Mom OG viewer who is bored with the show this season.

“We’re really watching Maci complain about cleaning the garage & who should pick the kid up from school. This show is turning into a snooze button,” they added.

redditors discussed cancelling teen mom og
Pic credit: u/LoveSushionTuesday/Reddit

One Redditor had an idea for Teen Mom OG to go in a different direction. They suggested canceling the show, letting the cast members live without cameras for several years, then catching up with them afterward.

Would changing Teen Mom OG’s format revive viewership?

“I want to see them cancel OG (hear me out!) and then come back around in like five years to see where they’re all at,” the Redditor wrote. “Having to actually live in the real world with no cameras giving them attention for every little thing like it’s so interesting and inflating their egos and of course no huge paychecks.”

They added, “They’re all just skating rn. Let’s crack the ice jusss a little and see them get a taste of actual, real life ?”

redditors discussed canceling teen mom og
Pic credit: u/Icy_Ad_6066/Reddit

Many Teen Mom OG viewers have expressed their boredom with the current cast’s storylines. Only time will tell how much life is left in the show and whether the Teen Mom spinoff will be enough to revive viewers’ interest.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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