Teen Mom OG: The sweet way Cory finds out about Cheyenne’s pregnancy from daughter Ryder

Ryder and Cory Wharton of Teen Mom OG
Ryder and Cory Wharton of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG found out she was pregnant while Cory Wharton was out of the country, and their daughter Ryder delivered the news in the sweetest way.

Cory was in Iceland filming The Challenge: Double Agents when his ex Cheyenne discovered she and boyfriend Zach Davis were expecting their first baby together.

Cheyenne talked with her family about how to break the news to Cory when he returned. Cheyenne joked about having Ryder wear a shirt to deliver the news to Cory, and it turned out she went through with the plan.

When Cory arrived at Cheyenne’s mom’s house after landing back in LA, Ryder excitedly ran to her dad, and he picked her up as the two hugged each other after months of being apart.

Ryder was sweet about asking Cheyenne if she could tell Cory the news

After Cory and Ryder caught up with each other, Ryder went over to Cheyenne and adorably asked her, “Now I do it?”

Cory was caught off guard and asked Ryder, “Do what? Ry, what are you about to do?”

Then Ryder unzipped her jacket, revealing a shirt underneath that read, “I’m going to be a big sister again.”

Cory seemed a bit surprised when he looked at Cheyenne with his hand over his mouth, but eventually congratulated the mom-to-be.

Cory claimed he knew Cheyenne would get pregnant while he was away

Afterward, Ryder’s parents sat down to chat. Cory teased Cheyenne, saying that he predicted she would get pregnant while he was away filming. Cory was surprised she didn’t disclose the news during one of the many times they FaceTimed.

Cory came right out with his big question, “Are you getting engaged to Zach?”

Fans of the show know this is a sensitive topic lately for Cheyenne and Zach, as their families pressured them about marriage.

Cheyenne told Cory that getting engaged was “definitely the plan.”

Cory had big questions and bold advice for Cheyenne

Cory had strong advice for Chey, telling her that she needed to “slow down.” This isn’t the first time Cory boldly gave Cheyenne relationship advice.

Earlier this season, viewers watched Cory FaceTime with Ryder while he was away. When he found out Cheyenne and Zach were looking at houses, Cory told Cheyenne, “You better slow your f***ing roll, fast.”

Cory brought up that he wants to build a relationship between himself and Zach. A week later, Cory dropped off Ryder back at Cheyenne’s, and the opportunity presented itself.

After Cheyenne excitedly showed Cory her sonogram photos, he approached Zach and told him he wanted to talk to him. Cheyenne looked nervously at her mom, who reassured her that it was okay.

Cory and Zach hit it off and Cory showed his appreciation for Zach’s involvement in Ryder’s life

Cory and Zach talked about finding out Cheyenne is pregnant. Zach said it was “the most excited” he’d ever been. He reiterated that a family is something he’s always wanted and to be able to make his dream come true with Cheyenne is “a blessing.”

Cory said that he was happy for the couple and said “most importantly,” he was thankful for the way Zach had been there for Ryder. Cory shared that when Cheyenne needed help during his absence, Zach was right there to step in, “no questions asked.”

He was appreciative of Zach being a “good figure in Ryder’s life” and welcomed him to fatherhood. The two shook hands and shared a quick hug, and Cory told Zach that he would love being a father to a child of his own. 

Fans are looking forward to seeing Cheyenne’s pregnancy and birth play out on the show. Cheyenne and Zach are expecting a baby boy, who the couple has named Ace, due this summer.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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