Teen Mom OG: Taylor McKinney worried about Ryan Edwards being around Bentley

Taylor McKinney on Teen Mom OG
Taylor McKinney is worried about Bentley being around Ryan Edwards Pic credit: MTV

Things have been tense between Taylor McKinney and the Edwards family during this season of Teen Mom OG.

Taylor has stepped up to support Maci Bookout’s son Bentley and has often been there for him at times when Ryan Edwards failed to show up.

During last night’s season finale, Taylor went as far as to say that he was worried about Ryan being around Bentley.

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He said to Maci, “If Bentley and Dr. Ed feel comfortable bringing Ryan into a session, I think [Ryan] should take a drug test cause the few things he shows up to, he doesn’t look sober to me, in my opinion.”

He added, “I’m just worried about Bentley right now.”

Maci and Taylor continued their conversation and determined that therapy would hopefully help alleviate some of the issues between Ryan and Bentley. Maci added that if Ryan was truly still having issues with his sobriety that they would “cross that bridge” if the issue came up.

Ryan opens up about going to therapy with Bentley

In earlier episodes, Bentley expressed that he didn’t want to spend time with Ryan until he attended therapy with him.

Ryan was hesitant at first and felt that Maci was behind Bentley’s request, but eventually, he started to come around to the idea. He had a video session with Bentley’s therapist, and it appeared to go fairly well.

Ryan explained to his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, that he didn’t like therapy because he didn’t like to talk about himself. He said that he was looking forward to putting everything on the table and allowing Bentley to get the full picture of what’s transpired between him and Maci so that he could draw his own conclusions about the situation.

For years, Ryan and his family have blamed Maci for his strained relationship with Bentley. Rather than hold Ryan accountable for the role he’s played, they’ve continued to enable him and make excuses for the lack of involvement he’s had in Bentley’s life.

Taylor lashes out at Jen and Larry Edwards

The tension between Maci and Taylor and the entire Edwards family has been building all season, and it finally came to a head during the Teen Mom OG reunion, which will air next week.

It was reported that during filming, both Maci and Taylor became so frustrated with Jen and Larry that they lashed out at them. Things reportedly got so heated that Maci and Taylor walked off of the set.

Recent news broke that the entire Edwards family had been fired from Teen Mom OG. The Edwards family claimed that Maci had something to do with it, as she wanted to film other aspects of her life instead of constantly focusing on the drama between the two families.

Fans can tune in to next week’s reunion episode to get a front row seat to all of the drama.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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