Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham gets slammed for ‘entitled’ behavior during her birthday dinner

Farrah Abraham formerly of Teen Mom Family Reunion
Farrah was rude to staff at a restaurant and her critics called her out. Pic credit: ©

Farrah Abraham is under fire by Teen Mom OG fans who think she acted “entitled” while out to dinner.

The former Teen Mom OG star turns 31 years old on May 31, but she is wasting no time getting a kickstart on celebrating. As Monsters & Critics reported, Farrah treated herself to an early birthday gift that included a trip to London for a “booty correction” and a nose job.

Continuing the early celebration, Farrah joined some guests for dinner and she shared footage from their evening on Instagram.

Farrah Abraham complains to waitstaff for not bringing her a birthday candle

What started out as a video showing Farrah and her guests’ food and drink orders turned into a complaint about the server staff at the restaurant. Apparently, Farrah repeatedly asked for a candle and for the waitstaff to sing Happy Birthday to her, only to be ignored.

When the camera panned to Farrah’s cake, she could be heard saying, “I did ask for a candle,” before she asks one of the servers, “Can I have a candle? Ma’am, can I have a candle please?”

Next, Farrah added text to the video as someone recorded her and the waitstaff in the back, from a seemingly hidden location. The text read, “She goes behind us – texting and talking to coworkers right behind us where we can see. Does not bring a candle.”

Next, the text reads “Farrah gets up to get candle,” before showing the dialogue between Farrah and the waitress. Farrah said, “Hi, you’re texting and talking, not getting a candle and singing happy birthday. Give me a candle I don’t work here.”

At that point, the manager caught wind of what was happening and joined Farrah and the waitress, asking, “What happened?”

Again, Farrah talked to the staff, before she could be heard saying, “So I can eat and get out.” Farrah recapped the incident in her caption, which read in part, “?Don’t ruin the tradition! #birthdaysong & candle at a restaurant ! when you lie to a #gemini♊️ May 31st don’t forget to wish me happy birthday or else ! ???? love @MissHudsonsAcademy ? @georgiemcaesthetics it’s the thought that counts ❤️.”

Teen Mom OG fans slam Farrah’s ‘entitled’ behavior

Farrah’s behavior in the video caused contention among Teen Mom OG fans who called her out for acting “entitled.”

“I am so second hand embarrassed watching this.. the entitlement blows me away,” read a comment from one of Farrah’s critics.

Another mocked Farrah’s recent stint in a trauma treatment center: “I see rehab really helped you… not.”

teen mom og viewers bashed farrah abraham for acting "entitled" during her birthday dinner
Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Calling out Farrah for her behavior, another critic told her, “The only #motivational thing about this is that it gives the younger generation an example, of how not to act in a restaurant ????.”

Another commenter used the word entitled to describe Farrah’s actions: “Seriously? Why is it you feel so entitled#?! You are ALWAYS so damn rude to people. Grow up!” while another told her, “No one is obligated to celebrate you!”

Farrah hasn’t exactly earned herself the reputation of a gracious restaurant patron; in January, Farrah was arrested after she allegedly slapped a security guard while out to dinner with friends.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will combine the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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1 year ago

A 4th nose job will not help her ugliness inside and out. You cannot put lipstick on a pig. It still looks like a pig.