Teen Mom 2 viewers think they know why Kail Lowry kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret during the reunion

Kail Lowry and her mystery boyfriend on Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 viewers think someone might pursue Kail’s boyfriend if she shows his identity. Pic credit: MTV

Kail Lowry chose not to reveal her new boyfriend’s identity during the Season 11 reunion and Teen Mom 2 viewers think they have an idea why.

Ahead of the reunion, Kail hinted about a new man in her life, revealing during one of her podcast episodes that she found the “love of her life.”

Kail has been hesitant to reveal his identity, however, and so far has only soft-launched him on social media with several pics that didn’t show his face.

Kail Lowry keeps boyfriend’s identity hidden during Teen Mom 2 reunion

When it was time for Kail’s segment during the reunion, which she filmed from her home in Delaware, Dr. Drew and Nessa asked if Kail would show her boyfriend to viewers.

Kail agreed, but to viewers’ dismay, her boyfriend was wearing a mask, making it nearly impossible to identify him. In addition, Kail stopped him from leaking his name and where they met, so Teen Mom 2 viewers didn’t learn much about him during the scene.

Following the reunion episode, a clip of Kail’s segment was posted to Teen Mom’s official Instagram. Viewers took to the comments section where some of them shared the reason why they think Kail kept her boyfriend hidden from view: Briana DeJesus.

Teen Mom 2 viewers blame Briana DeJesus for Kail keeping her new man under wraps

One Teen Mom 2 viewer felt that Briana might make a move on Kail’s new man if she isn’t careful, writing, “They don’t deserve to know period !!! Why she gonna tell y’all s**t when all the people do is drag her down.”

“Oh and [Briana] might find a way to try and shoot her shot with her new man bye ✌? ?,” their comment continued.

“[Briana] doing research on this man now Kail ?,” read another comment, echoing the sentiment.

“Lord, don’t let Briana find out who he is! ?” urged another Teen Mom 2 viewer.

teen mom 2 viewers on IG think briana dejesus might try to steal kail lowry's new boyfriend
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Another comment explained why Kail should keep her boyfriend under wraps: “If I were Kail I’d keep him on the DL too. [Briana] might want him in a few months and Kail doesn’t need that.”

Briana’s critics base their logic on the fact that she’s already pursued two of Kail’s exes — first, Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin in 2017, then Chris Lopez in 2021. Briana denied having sexual relations with Chris, claiming they’re only friends, although there is evidence of her wearing his shirt (which she lied about during the reunion) that seems to indicate otherwise.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will combine the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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