Teen Mom 2: Here’s why Ashley Jones wasn’t in-person for the reunion and why Kayla Sessler was there

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2 and Kayla Sessler of Young + Pregnant
Ashley Jones didn’t make it to the Teen Mom 2 reunion in-person, but Young + Pregnant star Kayla Sessler did. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 cast members are currently in Times Square in New York City to film their reunion for this season, except for newbie Ashley Jones, but another Teen Mom franchise castmate, Kayla Sessler, was in attendance, and here’s why.

The reunion has been a nightmare, as far as schedules and organization goes, according to a source for The Ashley.

This is the first reunion that was filmed in-person since the pandemic began, and according to the source, things “were a mess.”

An on-set source told The Ashley, “They did not do the scheduling well, so no one really knew what the hell was going on, even on the day they were supposed to film. Things kept changing and everyone is getting frustrated.”

Leah Messer, a veteran Teen Mom 2 cast member, was late due to schedule conflicts and flight delays, and didn’t arrive until 2 a.m. on Thursday.

It’s reported that Ashley Jones didn’t join the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast in-person, but filmed remotely

The same source noted that Ashley Jones, the newest castmate on Teen Mom 2, wasn’t in New York City to film with the rest of the cast, but instead, “She filmed in California and was Skyped in basically.”

There hasn’t been information shared as to why Ashley didn’t attend the reunion in person with the rest of the cast, but some speculate it could have something to do with the fact that her fiance, Bar Smith, was arrested over the weekend.

Another source stated that Leah was not happy about having to fly into New York City last-minute, for only 12 hours, while Ashley was allowed to tape virtually, “Leah was pissed that Ashley didn’t do in-person because [Leah] went through hell to get to the Reunion and didn’t think it was fair Ashley was allowed to film from home,” the source said.

They added, “Leah wasn’t mad at Ashley; she was mad production insisted she still fly out all the way out there.”

Kayla shared some pics on social media from the Teen Mom 2 reunion

Although Ashley wasn’t in attendance, another Teen Mom franchise cast member was — Kayla Sessler, from Young + Pregnant. She shared on Instagram that she was hanging out with Teen Mom 2 star, Jade Cline, but didn’t state why she was in Times Square at the same time as the Teen Mom 2 cast.

The source shared that Kayla recorded a few segments, and that she was in the same place at the same time as the Teen Mom 2 cast for a reason, saying, “It was no coincidence. Kayla was there to film a few segments for the Teen Mom 2 Reunion. The first was a segment she did with Ashley to talk about their old beef and the current state of their relationship.”

Back in 2019, things got heated during the Young + Pregnant reunion, and Ashley and Kayla got into a heated disagreement, along with some of the rest of the cast.

The on-set source said, “They basically told everyone that it’s all good now and they’ve moved on from that.”

The 22-year-old Young + Pregnant star was also in New York City to introduce two new cast members who will appear with her on the third season of her show, scheduled to air this August.

As previously reported, one of the girls joining Kayla is Madisen Beith, from 16 and Pregnant‘s sixth season, who replaced Ashley Jones’ spot on the show.

Along with Madisen Beith, a new young mom, also named Kayla, joins the cast of Young + Pregnant and has a unique backstory

The other girl joining Kayla is also named Kayla, and according to the source, has a very unique story: “[The new] Kayla talked about her life and pregnancy. She has a story unlike any we’ve ever seen on Teen Mom.”

The sourced added, “She actually planned the pregnancy [to have] her daughter and used [sperm from] a sperm bank to conceive. The reason they needed to use donated sperm is because Kayla’s boyfriend is transgender.”

As previously reported, the stars of Teen Mom 2 were in New York City to film their segments for the reunion, with most of them sharing pics and videos of their trip to Times Square.

The reunion episode is sure to be a must-watch, so fans of the show will be on the lookout for word of its air date.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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