Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler says new season has been pushed back until August

Kayla Sessler in a dress
Kayla Sessler told fans during an Instagram Q&A that she isn’t happy with MTV. Pic credit: @kayla_sessler/Instagram

If you’re a fan of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, you’re probably wondering why the show hasn’t aired in over a year; Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting a while longer.

One of the stars, Kayla Sessler, recently did a Q&A on Instagram and revealed the show was originally going to come back on May 4, however the premiere has now been pushed back to August.

Kayla Sessler not happy with MTV

The MTV star is apparently not very happy with the network and, let it be known, complaining they do not treat Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant the same way they treat Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG.

She further eleborated on her feelings, claiming she believes that is why the ratings are so poor.

One of her followers asked if they were still filming, and Kayla claimed she wrapped up filming in December. Fans of the show will be excited to hear that she thinks, “It’s by far the most drama filled season I’ve had.”

Season 3 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant will feature Kayla alongside castmates, Brianna Jaramillo, Kiaya Elliott and Rachel Beaver.

Kayla Sessler Instagram story
Kayla Sessler let followers on Instagram know she isn’t happy with MTV. Pic credit: @kayla_sessler/Instagram.

Ashley Jones replacing Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2

Ashley Jones will be leaving the show for Teen Mom 2, where she will replace Chelsea Houska. Chelsea shocked fans of the franchise when she announced she would be leaving after 10 years.

Kayla revealed she was runner-up for the role, however, claims she is “completely fine” with her co-star snagging it.

It’s likely Kayla has a financial interest in the show after it was revealed she struggles to make ends meet. She has an OnlyFans account to make some extra cash and clearly isn’t able to rely on her baby daddy Stephan Alexander for money.

Kayla’s baby daddy paid just $11.07 in child support

In April 2018, Stephan was ordered to pay child support of just 40$ a month until June 2036.

The exes share son Izaiah together, and Kayla revealed during her Q&A that Stephan is not currently in the baby’s life. A follower asked if he was in the child’s life and Kayla replied with a very big, “NOPE.”

Kayla Sessler Instagram stories
Kayla Sessler told followers she is not in touch with her baby daddy. Pic credit: @kayla_sessler/Instagram.

In January of this year, Kayla posted a picture of a child support check from Stephan that amounted to $11.07. Alongside the photo, she wrote, “So I just got my child support check in the mail, and this is for how much. This is not a joke. This is real life.”

Fortunately for Kayla, she is now engaged to Luke Davis, and the pair share daughter, Ariah Jordynn, whome they welcomed in August 2019.

With Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant still of the air, fans will have to keep up with Kayla and the rest of the cast on social media for now.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is currently on hiatus.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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