Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant filming takes a huge hit after filming stopped for three girls

Rachel Beaver on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Pic credit: MTV
Rachel Beaver on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Pic credit: MTV

Although the future of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant looked bleak after Season 2 ended in February, the show managed to hang on and was renewed for another season.

Like other shows in the franchise, Young & Pregnant resumed production after COVID-19 hit. The cast and crew took precautions to protect everyone involved.

However, it seems like their caution wasn’t enough- production for three of the five girls is currently shut down due to COVID-19 exposure.

This is the second impacted show in the franchise

Last month, production on Teen Mom: OG was shut down when one of the cast members tested positive for coronavirus.

Production members were taking precautions including daily temperature checks, regular testing, and isolating from loved ones.

However, a cast member tested positive during a routine test, so production was shut down.

Now, history is repeating itself. The Ashley reported that one cast member spent Thanksgiving with someone who later tested positive and producers working on two other cast members’ stories also tested positive. Filming will not resume for at least 14 days and only if everyone involved tests negative.

Production is reportedly still hoping to film a 12-episode season. Rumor has it that all five girls from last season– Kayla Sessler, Kiaya Elliott, Brianna Jaramillo, Rachel Beaver, and Ashley Jones- will return for Season 3. However, Ashley Jones is also reported to be replacing Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2, and it’s unknown how that will affect the new season.

What to expect in the new season

A lot has happened to the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast since filming from season 2 wrapped.

Ashley Jones is now engaged to Bariki Smith, the father of her 3-year-old daughter Holly. Bar has also shared that he’s hoping to return to school.

Brianna Jaramillo has been mostly lying low for the past few months, but she celebrated her 21st birthday just last week.

Rachel Beaver has continued to have relationship drama, which likely comes as no surprise for viewers.

Kiaya Elliott celebrated her son Amour’s second birthday just two days ago. She’s also dipped her toes into entrepreneurship by opening a boutique and starting an OnlyFans account.

Like her co-star, Kayla Sessler also started an OnlyFans. And like Brianna, Kayla recently celebrated a birthday- the reality star is now 22. Based on her Instagram posts, Kayla appears to still be with her second baby daddy Luke. If that’s correct, she and Ashley would be the only girls on the show still dating the same partner that they were when Season 2 aired.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is currently on hiatus from MTV but will return in 2021.

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