Is Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 3 renewed or canceled?

Rachel Beaver, right, was a welcome addition to Season 2.
Rachel Beaver, right, was a welcome addition to Season 2. Pic credit: MTV

Last season, Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant had its fans, but overall the ratings were disappointing for MTV.

The season brought two new girls to the cast — Rachel Beaver, whose storyline centered around the mystery of her baby’s paternity, and Kiaya Elliott, whose baby daddy was incarcerated throughout her pregnancy.

Kiaya and Rachel replaced Jade Cline, who moved to Teen Mom 2, and Lexi Tatman, who MTV dropped from the franchise.

The show’s been in ratings’ trouble

Kiaya and Rachel brought plenty of drama to the show, and both, especially Rachel, were a hit with fans. But that enthusiasm didn’t translate to ratings for MTV — they didn’t even produce a reunion for the season.

The ratings’ difficulties have left viewers — and the cast — in limbo about the show’s future.

While the show certainly has fans, its struggles to attain a consistently high viewership could mean the network is unlikely to continue producing the series.

According to one cast member, the girls were told that they would know about a third season by January. Over a month later, they still don’t have official word.

The Ashley is reporting that although the show isn’t officially canceled, it almost certainly will be.

Production on a show that isn’t returning ratings isn’t worth it to the network, so we may need to say goodbye to Young + Pregnant.

Y+P joins other canceled spin-offs

Young + Pregnant isn’t the first Teen Mom spin-off to be canceled.

After Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, there was Teen Mom 3, which aired for only one season back in 2013. Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee, cast members from Teen Mom 3, eventually featured in other shows in the franchise.

Fans of the Young + Pregnant girls might see them again at some point in the future.

In 2017, MTV promoted a show called Teen Mom: New Jersey. The show was cast and even filmed, but it never ended up airing.

Pretty Little Mamas, later rebranded as Teen Mom: Young Mom’s Club, aired but ended up a ratings’ flop.

Of course, 16 & Pregnant, the original series that spawned Teen Mom, has been off the air for nearly six years. That show was a huge success and aired for five seasons from 2009-2014.

There is allegedly a replacement show in the works, but details on that have been few and far between. Viewers can catch up instead with the OGs, premiering March 17, and the girls of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom OG will premiere with a new season on March 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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