Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail Lowry ‘fabricated’ drama with friend Mark to distract from her real storylines

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail Lowry “fabricated” drama in her life to steer the attention elsewhere. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 veteran Kail Lowry has come under scrutiny for her latest drama-filled feud, and some fans believe she “fabricated” it to steer the attention elsewhere.

Kail’s name has been at the center of several feuds lately. Most recently, Kail had a falling out with one of her longtime friends, Mark Allen.

Longtime viewers of Teen Mom 2 have likely seen Mark in several of Kail’s episodes over the years.

After Kail’s recent podcast episode on Baby Mamas No Drama, Mark went on his Instagram Live to bash the MTV star, calling her “toxic” and “disrespectful.”

Fans were a bit confused, as Kail didn’t exactly slam Mark on the podcast. He later elaborated on the situation in a video.

Apparently, Kail had planned on joining Mark and some other friends in Ocean City, Maryland, for a week-long trip. Because she has four kids, Kail didn’t think an entire week was feasible and instead decided to come for one day.

According to Kail, this upset her friends, because they were expecting her to contribute financially towards the trip.

According to his story, Mark set the record straight, and Kail got upset over a change in plans that involved a beach day rather than fishing, as previously scheduled, with her and her kids.

Did Kail ‘fabricate’ her feud with Mark as a distraction?

Now, some Teen Mom 2 fans are claiming Kail “fabricated” her feud with Mark to distract from other drama in her life.

Kail was absent from last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Rather than filming her incident with Chris Lopez that led to her arrest last fall, Kail chose to keep MTV cameras out of it.

Some fans think Kail is using her “made-up” feud to keep the attention away from her real storyline involving domestic abuse against Chris Lopez.

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Did Kail “fabricate” her feud with Mark as a distraction? Pic credit: u/throwawaythevamp/Reddit

On a Reddit post entitled, “Kail fabricated this entire thing as a distraction,” fans of Teen Mom 2 discussed whether Kail would actually lie about a ruined friendship to control the narrative.

The Reddit user who shared the post hypothesized that Kail made up the feud for several reasons. For one, Kail’s storyline is being labeled as “boring,” secondly, Teen Mom 2 ratings are down, and lastly, Kail wants to distract attention from her domestic abuse incident with Chris Lopez.

As reported earlier this week, ratings for Teen Mom 2 are the lowest they’ve ever been, even with the addition of Ashley Jones.

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Reddit users discussed whether Kail faked her feud with Mark. Pic credit: u/throwawaythevamp/Reddit

One Teen Mom 2 fan commented on the post, “Whether it was manufactured or not, she’s trying to cash off of it. She’s a gross person – zero ethics and zero attachment to anyone.”

Another fan of the show thought Kail is driven by attention: “[I don’t] think [it’s] for distraction purposes but all the s**t she does like this is for attention. and it works- look at how many posts on this sub are about it,” was another user’s comment.

One Reddit user thought Kail knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to getting press. “[E]very single time like clockwork lmao. [A]lso her pics she takes from the bad angles that this sub likes to repost and discuss every time,” the user wrote.

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
One fan of the show felt Kail is trying to stay relevant with a fake story. Pic credit: u/throwawaythevamp/Reddit

“It’s long past due. This “story” just highlights that more, imo – this is her desperately trying to make herself “interesting” without harming her precious brand,” commented another Teen Mom 2 fan.

Kail pre-warned her fans that she was cutting people out of her life

Before news broke of Kail and Mark’s feud, she forewarned her followers that she would be going on an “unfollowing spree.”

Kail told her followers, “Not that I don’t care, like, I don’t like these people, but, like, there’s a lot of people that I follow right now that I just don’t talk to on a regular basis, I don’t really know what they’re up to, and I don’t really care to reach out.”

The mom of four added, “Energy transfers… job, friends, family, etc. I just don’t want every person to have access to me or my peace or anything anymore. Things are just different.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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