Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez explains why he doesn’t talk about Kail, if he’ll get a DNA test to prove he’s Creed’s father

Chris Lopez and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Chris Lopez opened up about not speaking about his baby mama Kail Lowry and whether or not he’ll get a DNA test to prove he’s Creed’s father. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 veteran Kail Lowry’s ex and baby daddy, Chris Lopez, set the record straight about discussing his ex and getting a DNA test.

Chris gets lots of questions from his fans regarding his ex, MTV star Kail Lowry, and he took some time to clear the air when it comes to talking about her.

Chris, 26, took some questions from fans to kick off his weekend and opened up about Kail, their son Creed, and how he’s trying to better himself.

The father of two took to his Instagram stories and posed a question box for his followers that read, “Ask me a question,” and told his fans, “Imma engage a lil more on this rainy day[.]”

Chris explained why he doesn’t answer for his ex, Kail

One of the first questions that one of Chris’ fans was curious about had to do with his baby mama, Kail Lowry.

The fan asked, “Why don’t you answer anything about your bm?”

Chris explained that he tries to stay in his lane when it comes to answering for his ex.

Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Chris answered some questions from his fans. Pic credit: chrisxlopezz/Instagram

“Cause that’s not my place[.] Anything you want to know about her you gotta go to her to find out,” Chris answered.

Chris divulged how co-parenting is going with Kail just last week, telling his followers, “Depends on the day..but we do what we have to for the sake of the boys.”

Chris is working on improving himself

Another one of Chris’s 90.2k followers asked him, “What is something that you are working on to better yourself?”

“I push [people] away/become distant as a protective response for myself[.] I know it’s not a healthy trait but I’m aware of it[.] Trying to fix that ?,” Kail’s ex replied.

Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Chris isn’t concerned what his “fans” think. Pic credit:chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Ever since Kail has shared more pics of her and Chris’ youngest son, Creed, 10 months, trolls have noticed that he doesn’t resemble his father much, as far as hair and skin color are concerned.

Some have even questioned Chris’s paternity, alleging that he couldn’t be Creed’s father, given his light appearance.

One of Chris’s fans had a question for him regarding the trolls who question his paternity when it comes to his youngest son, Creed.

Chris isn’t concerned with impressing his ‘fans’

“Will you do a DNA on Creed to prove to the fans that are in disbelief [he’s] yours lol[?]” another follower asked.

Chris replied, “I don’t really care to prove anything to the ‘fans??‍♂️,'” along with a pic of Creed playing in the background.

Chris has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t exactly enjoy being in the limelight and prefers privacy. In fact, he threatened legal action if he appears on any episodes of Teen Mom 2 this season.

Kail called Chris out, however, for not wanting to appear on the show, telling her followers, “I just feel like when you have an opportunity that is presented to you and you decline, but then you turn around and you do other things — podcasting, or, like have an Instagram with like 100,000 followers and things like that — you’re not really trying to stay out of the public eye.”

Kail and Chris share two sons, Lux, 3, and Creed, 10 months. The ex-couple made headlines last year when Kail got arrested for reportedly punching Chris several times after discovering he had cut Lux’s hair without her permission.

Although the former couple couldn’t make things work between themselves, hopefully they can reach a place of peaceful co-parenting, especially for Lux and Creed’s sakes.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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