Kail Lowry’s baby daddy Chris Lopez reveals how co-parenting is going

Chris Lopez and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry’s baby daddy Chris Lopez opened up about co-parenting with his ex. Pic credit: MTV and @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry’s ex/baby daddy Chris Lopez opened up about co-parenting their sons, Lux and Creed.

Amidst all of the drama surrounding the show, Chris took to his Instagram stories to answer a quick Q&A with his followers.

Chris asked his fans to “Type something….” in his question box, along with an outdoor pic of his son, Lux, running into the grass away from the camera.

Chris’ fans were curious about co-parenting with Kail

The first thing Chris’ followers wanted to know about was how it’s been co-parenting Lux and Creed with Kail.

Along with a pic of Mr. Peabody from the kids’ movie Peabody & Sherman, Chris answered his fan.

“Depends on the day..but we do what we have to for the sake of the boys,” Chris told his follower of raising Lux and Creed with their mom, Kail.

Chris and Kail, who dated for a few years on and off, have been working on peacefully co-parenting since the birth of their first son, Lux, 3.

Chris Lopez on Instagram
Chris said he and Kail do what’s needed with their boys, Lux and Creed, in mind. Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Chris continues to work on co-parenting while trying to stay out of the public eye

In April, Chris told his fans that his co-parenting relationship was “better [than] it was” but admitted it was still a “work in progress.”

Staying on the parenting trend, another fan had a question for Chris, regarding being a parent in the limelight.

“How do you deal with being a dad in the public eye? Dealing with outside opinions etc[?]” read the next question from one of Chris’ fans.

Chris let a pic do the talking, showing a shot of Tupac Shakur, holding up his middle finger to the camera while standing behind a police officer.

Chris Lopez on Instagram
Chris isn’t fond of being in the public eye. Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Chris has made it known that he isn’t fond of being filmed for the show because he prefers his privacy. He even threatened to take legal action if he appears on any episodes of Teen Mom 2 this season.

In fact, none of Kail’s baby daddies want to film for the show, including Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin.

Chris keeps it fun during visits with his boys

For the last question, a fan asked Chris, “What are some fun things you do with the Boys?❤”

Chris shared video of his eldest son, Lux, 3, on the ground, while he held his little brother, Creed, 10 months, above him. The two pretending to wrestle each other as they squealed with joy.

Chris and Kail’s relationship was a tumultuous one and it even got physically violent. Kail was arrested when she allegedly struck Chris several times on the head because he cut their son, Lux’s hair without her consent.

Since the arrest, both parties have seemingly moved on somewhat peacefully for the time being. When he’s not spending time with Lux and Creed, Chris hosts his own podcast, PTSD, which stands for Pressure Talks with Single Dads.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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