Briana DeJesus throws major shade at Kail Lowry, reveals someone was ‘cut’ from Teen Mom 2

Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Truce no more? Briana DeJesus went off about Kail Lowry’s absence from last night’s episode. Pic credit: MTV

During the airing of Teen Mom 2 last night, Briana DeJesus revealed a cast member was “cut” and opened the flood gates when she called out Kail Lowry for allegedly choosing not to be filmed for the episode.

Fans who watched last night’s episode probably noticed that Kail was visibly absent from the show, which only showed Leah, Jade, Briana, and Ashley’s segments.

Right before the episode ended, Briana shared a post on her Instagram page, going into detail about one of the moms being cut from the show and began throwing major shade at Kail Lowry. Briana has since deleted the post.

Briana claimed that none of the moms knew Kail wouldn’t be aired

“Like the other women on the show, I had absolutely no idea that someone was going to be cut from the show tonight,” Briana told her 1.1 million followers.

Briana then went on to say that she has always shown her “true authentic self,” as far as filming goes. But she didn’t feel the same way about Kail Lowry.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
The first part of Briana’s now deleted post aimed at Kail. Pic credit: _brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana said she’s been her ‘true authentic self’

“Since joining Teen Mom 2 (which, as we all know, is something someone wasn’t exactly thrilled with from the beginning) I have worked hard to show my true authentic self while filming,” Briana added.

The 27-year-old MTV star went on to say that she believed Kail purposely hid her struggles from cameras, and chose not to film the incidents that occurred last fall.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana’s post aimed at Kail, continued. Pic credit: _brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana thought Kail should have filmed her domestic violence issue with Chris

“She could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with her baby daddy that I was told she was trying to hide,” Briana said about Kail.

Kail was arrested in September 2020 for an altercation with her baby daddy, Chris Lopez. Allegedly, she punched Chris several times because he cut their son, Lux’s hair.

No footage surrounding the incident has been aired on the show. Chris Lopez threatened to take legal action earlier this year if he does appear on any episodes this season.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana’s post, calling out Kail, continued. Pic credit: _brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana thought it was unfair for Kail not to film humiliating experiences

Briana called out Kail for being “inauthentic” by allegedly keeping certain events in her life private from MTV. She pointed out that if is expected to share humiliating experiences, then Kail should, too.

“Think about it – if I’m being upfront about something as personal (and humiliating) as an STD from an ex, why should she get away with just talking about buying a dream house and letting her son design a bathroom when real life problems actually are occurring in her home?” Bri added.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana also shared then deleted a post with a link to a clickbait article claiming Kail was “cut” from the show. Pic credit: _brianadejesus/Instagram

The feud between Briana and Kail goes way back

Briana and Kail have been enemies for years now, dating back to when Briana briefly dated Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, after they divorced.

The two have been at each other’s throats since then, throwing jabs on social media and nearly fist-fighting during a Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Some thought Kail was stirring the pot when she had Briana’s baby daddy, Devoin Austin, on her podcast earlier this year. The two also hung out together backstage at this season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion filming, fueling rumors that the two were an item.

Briana then began sharing clickbait articles saying that Kail and Devoin were dating, which Kail quickly shot down.

It seemed that the two made up recently when Kail congratulated Briana on her engagement to Javi Gonzalez. But judging by way these two seem to dislike each other, it doesn’t look like a truce will ever be called.

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