Teen Mom 2 fight: What happened at the reunion?

Briana DeJesus when she returned to Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus takes part in Teen Mom 2 fight

Teen Mom 2 has been full of drama this season, but nothing will prepare you for the chaos that happened when the reunion was filmed back in May. Fans have been waiting to see how things played out since the incident was first reported two months ago.

Kailyn Lowry has despised Briana DeJesus since she arrived on the Teen Mom 2 scene. Hooking up with Javi Marroquin was the worst possible thing she could have done, and yet, it happened.

The two have battled all season long, including during the reunion that was taped last fall.

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Prior to the Teen Mom 2 reunion fight, Kailyn Lowry talked about hands being thrown and that is exactly what happened. While all of the girls were set to film their segment together, Briana DeJesus ran for Kailyn Lowry and wanted to fight right then and there. Prior to that, there was a confrontation backstage where Lowry tried to punch DeJesus.


Security was on the Teen Mom 2 reunion set to catch Briana DeJesus, but her sister Brittany DeJesus was there to finish what was started. There was an altercation between Brittany and Kailyn Lowry, though no one was beaten up as some reports had stated.

Chelsea Houska was on stage at the time, and she ultimately decided to leave and fly home. She is currently pregnant and didn’t want to risk being caught in the middle of the drama. Not only did Chelsea Houska leave, but Jo Rivera also decided to head home.

Jenelle Evans didn’t show up at all. Her segments were filmed in her North Carolina home several weeks after the group flew to New York City for the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Moving forward, there are questions about who will be returning and who has decided to exit the show. Jo Rivera and Jeremy Calvert have both confirmed they are not coming back. Will the girls return for more drama, or will Teen Mom 2 be without one of the main cast members?

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV. 

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