Teddi Mellencamp takes aim at RHOBH cast, says Erika Jayne interrogation was for ‘dramatics’

Teddi Mellencamp from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Erika Jayne has an ally in Teddi Mellencamp after she took aim at the rest of the RHOBH cast. Pic credit: ©

Erika Jayne’s legal drama has been a huge part of Season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As the four-part reunion finally comes to an end, Teddi Mellencamp is speaking out and taking aim at the RHOBH cast for the way they grilled Erika all season long.

Teddi, who has previously called Erika her “good friend,” seems to think that the cast had ulterior motives for their harsh criticism of Erika Jayne and wanting to know every detail of what happened between her and Tom Girardi, as well as her alleged involvement in allegations that Tom Girardi embezzled money.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast rarely saw Tom Girardi

Teddi is right about one thing, Erika Jayne never really talked a lot about her relationship with Tom Girardi on the show, and he very rarely made appearances.

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When Tom did pop up, he was always very charming, and the rest of the cast seemed to love him.

Over the years, Erika maintained that she and Tom had a good marriage, even claiming that they would sit down to dinner together every night and just talk.

But this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika’s entire story about Tom Girardi has changed, and now, she’s claiming that there were huge marriage problems, including infidelity as she left her estranged husband to deal with his mounting legal issues and dementia diagnosis all on his own.

Even though Erika Jayne’s prior claims about marital bliss and Tom Girardi’s frequent absence from filming didn’t really add up, no one ever seemed to question Erika about any of it, nor did they seem to care. And that is Teddi’s point.

This isn’t the first time Teddi called out a RHOBH cast member over the Erika Jayne drama of last season. Previously, she took aim at Sutton Stracke, calling her treatment of Erika “hypocritical,” and she’s done it on more than one occasion.

Teddi Mellencamp questions why RHOBH cast wants so much information now

While speaking with Access Hollywood for their weekly episode of Housewives Recap, Teddi was naturally asked about Erika Jayne and all the drama of Season 11. And rather than taking an easy shot at Erika, Teddi had a question for the rest of the cast.

“[Other cast members] are coming in hot now, wanting all these questions answered, but what about last year? Nobody ever asked any questions about her relationship before, and we were never around him! So why now?”

Teddi continued her rant about the intense questioning of Erika Jayne this season with her own claim that the women were all piling on Erika now, possibly because they want to “hurt her” and also for “dramatics.” It’s no secret that this latest season was a huge success in terms of ratings and most of that had to do with the drama surrounding Erika Jayne.

The RHOBH alum continued, “Because you want to hurt her? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I have friends you share everything with, every single detail of your life, and then I have friends that you just don’t. And so, if that person was that kind of friend [one you don’t share things with] and now [for that friend] to think [they] are going to get every crumb of detail? You are solely doing it for dramatics.”

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Good job Teddy. I am glad someone spoke the truth

2 years ago

I agree, the other housewives acted as if they were entitled to every little detail of Erika’s life. She already told them she can’t tell them everything per her attorney – you’d think they would just respect that.