RHOBH: Teddi Mellencamp calls Sutton Stracke ‘hypocritical’ for her treatment of Erika Jayne

Former RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp speaks on Sutton Stracke and Erika Jayne
Teddi Mellencamp calls out former castmate Sutton Stracke. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddi Mellencamp made a short appearance on the show a few weeks ago and caused quite a ruckus. Things didn’t go too well between Teddi and some of her castmates when she attended a dinner party and tried to defend Erika Jayne while put in the hot seat.

However, Teddi is still sticking up for the Painkiller singer and she recently called out Sutton Stracke for the way she’s been treating Erika.

Teddi Mellencamp says Sutton Stracke is hypocritical

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum sat down for a recent chat with Us Weekly and, of course, her brief appearance on the show a few weeks ago was a topic of conversation. During the interview, Teddi spoke out about Sutton and Erika’s drama and the 40-year-old is team Erika.

Teddi thinks that Sutton is being a hypocrite for the way she has behaved towards Erika throughout the entire season.

During her chat with the media outlet, Teddi was asked if Sutton should have had Erika’s back this season.

“I don’t necessarily say that you have to have somebody’s back or not have somebody’s back, but I do think it’s a little bit hypocritical to never ask somebody questions about their personal life to then all of a sudden want all of the questions answered.” responded the mom-of-three.

She continued, “Nobody was grilling her about all these personal details before, they were just letting it be, so why now all of a sudden that there’s press and there’s this do you now want all of this personal information?”

Teddi Mellencamp is proud of Erika Jayne

During her interview, Teddi also made it known that she’s proud of her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate.

“I can’t imagine how challenging this has been for her,” noted Teddi. “I’m proud that she’s been able to be so open and I think Erika’s excellent at being a really good friend to other people and I think it’s hard for her to let people in.”

“So I think that even though people may want more and every single crumb of detail, this is more than she ever has before,” added the accountability coach. ” And I think that goes to show how much she’s probably really been struggling.”

While Teddi and Erika had their share of drama a few seasons ago, that’s behind them now. Teddi says she keeps in touch with Erika but, the accountability coach has no intention of grilling her friend about her legal drama.

“I think that when somebody is going through something there’s only so much that you can push and you have to just be there for them when they need you and then let things play out,” said Teddi.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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