Taylor Hale named Lay’s Partner, blocks Daniel Durston from Big Brother 24

Taylor Surprised On BB24
BB24 alum Taylor Hale won Big Brother during Summer 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Taylor Hale from Big Brother 24 has already had a big week, beginning with her revelation that she is now a Lay’s Partner.

While she was inside the Big Brother house, it was a rare occasion to see her without a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

Back home after winning Big Brother 2022, Taylor even received a year’s supply of chips from the company.

It became a running joke that she was working for Lay’s while playing the game, but now she has officially joined their team.

“Lays_Partner in the house! They called me the queen of Lay’s but today @lays made it official!” Taylor just wrote on her Twitter page.

Next to her caption, Taylor shared a photo of the certificate and special bag of Lay’s that was created just for her.

Taylor Hale becomes a Lay’s Partner

Below is the photo that Taylor shared to Instagram with her new keepsake. It already has more than 47,000 likes at the time of this posting.

The bag of special chips says “Miss Lay’s Classic” and Taylor has a big smile on her face as she displays it all.

Taylor Hale blocks Daniel Durston from BB24

Recently, Daniel Durston from BB24 gave a new interview where he spoke a lot about the latest season of the show. Of course, Taylor was a topic in his chat, as well as why his relationship with Nicole Layog came to an end once the season was over.

Taking to social media this week, Daniel indicated that he had been blocked by Taylor on Twitter, stating that it tied back to the interview that he took part in.

“You do one interview speaking the truth and they just wanna block you,” Daniel wrote on his Twitter page.

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Big Brother 24 is available for streaming on Paramount+.