Matt Turner reveals which Big Brother 24 alums will be invited to wedding

Matt Turner Big Brother Mug
Big Brother 24 featured Matthew Turner as one of the houseguests. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Matt Turner from Big Brother 24 took the time to answer a lot of fan questions about the show, including what the first thing was that he did after finale night.

After the final episode was filmed, Turner says he was put in a hotel room for a few hours, where he could finally connect to the internet and start Googling his name.

One of the other things that Turner touched on was what he says is his biggest regret from playing the game.

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Turner states he regrets cutting people off before he voted them out. It was definitely something Big Brother fans noticed on the live feeds heading into eviction votes.

He thinks it was a defensive mechanism to distance himself and allow him to rationalize voting his friends out of the house.

As most Big Brother fans already know, Alyssa Snider and Turner are back to speaking with each other after a month of silence between them following the finale. That’s something he noted a bit later in the video.

And in other news, Alyssa and Kyle Capener are back together after meeting on the BB24 cast.

Matt Turner and Megan Belmonte talk about wedding plans

A fan asked Turner who would be invited from the Big Brother 24 cast to attend the wedding between himself and his long-time girlfriend, Megan Belmonte. For anyone who hasn’t heard, the couple recently got engaged.

At first, Turner deferred the question to Megan, who stated that the three people she most wanted to see at the wedding were Taylor Hale, Indy Santos, and Jasmine Davis. Turner then named Joseph Abdin, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, and Alyssa as his three additional people.

The video below was shared by Turner, where he addresses all of these questions and more, teaches Megan how to make a rug, and has a Big Brother alum come by to visit his shop.

Why I Regret Big Brother 24... | #BB24

More Big Brother news

Past seasons of Big Brother are now on Hulu and Netflix, giving fans another way to watch the hit reality competition show. This is also a method that seems designed to bring new fans to the program.

And speaking of wedding plans for former Big Brother players, Nicole Anthony from BB21 shared some of hers. The two-time houseguest recently became engaged herself.

CBS has already ordered a new season of Big Brother, slated to air in the Summer of 2023. Applications are currently open, giving a new group of people a shot at that $750,000 prize.

Big Brother 25 airs in the Summer of 2023 on CBS.

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