Matt Turner from Big Brother 24 got engaged

Turner On BB24 Finale
Matthew Turner finished third on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 houseguest Matt Turner is now engaged after asking his long-time girlfriend to get married.

During the season, Turner spoke a lot about his girlfriend and often shouted out messages to her during the live shows.

And when he was talking with other houseguests during the game, he often spoke glowingly about her.

Once he was out of the house, Turner reunited with Megan Belmonte, and now they are planning to spend the rest of their lives together.

Over the weekend, Turner shared the big news to his Instagram page. That’s where he has been revealing a lot of his adventures post-Big Brother.

Even though Turner didn’t end up winning the show (he finished in third place), he gained a lot of fans as the season progressed.

Turner gets engaged to Megan

“You and me till the end ? *she said yes by the way* ?,” Turner posted to his Instagram page on October 29.

“I love you @megan_belmonte,” Turner closed out the caption to a photo that shows him popping the question to Megan while they are out and about in Vermont.

According to a previous post that Turner made on his Instagram page, the proposal may have happened a bit earlier than he shared.

“Also just had one of the biggest moments of my life! who can guess what I did? ?✨*,” Turner wrote on a post that he made back on October 28.

It seems that he may have had the news tucked away for a short while until he revealed it to the world.

More Big Brother news

There is more relationship news taking place in the world of Big Brother.

BB22 winner Cody Calafiore is engaged to his long-time girlfriend after popping the question. Fans of the show met him as part of the BB16 cast, but he returned later for a veteran season where he competed again.

There’s also some baby news, as Amanda Zuckerman from BB15 is pregnant. She announced the big news and has been sharing photos of her baby bump.

Also, it seems that Joseph Abdin has caught the acting bug after he appeared on BB24 and then filmed for The Bold and the Beautiful. Joseph and several other Big Brother houseguests guest-starred on the soap opera.

In a new interview, Joseph stated that he would like to act again. He is also keeping the door open to appearing on other reality competition shows, which may end up including The Challenge.

Big Brother 24 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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