Joseph Abdin from Big Brother 24 is interested in acting

Joseph Dressed On Big Brother
Big Brother had Joseph Abdin dress up during BB24 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 houseguest Joseph Abdin is expressing more interest in acting.

It seems that Joseph may have caught the acting bug during his stop to film The Bold and the Beautiful recently.

And according to Us Weekly, Joseph “had a great experience” when he was on the set, possibly opening a new door for him.

In the real world (outside of reality TV), Joseph is a lawyer, something that he worked hard to keep a secret from the rest of the BB24 cast.

Joseph wasn’t even the only lawyer in the house, as Michael Bruner has that same job, which he also kept a secret from his closest allies.

As for Michael, Taylor Hale wants to do The Amazing Race with him. It was an interesting statement that she recently made, especially since fans had assumed she would want to do it with Joseph.

Did Joseph Abdin catch the acting bug?

“I would definitely be interested in pursuing more acting opportunities and reality TV opportunities. The setup was hilarious, and I really enjoyed my line,” Joseph told Us Weekly about his stop on TBATB.

As for continuing his work as a lawyer, Joseph also addressed that in his new interview.

“I have to respond to some correspondences from the Florida Board of Bar examiners. … I was studying for the uniform bar exam in order to practice law outside of Florida. I’ve put that idea on hold a little bit as I reassess and re-situate myself in my career and aspirations,” Joseph went on to tell Us Weekly.

Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale having fun after Big Brother

After spending the summer in the Big Brother house, Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale have been having a lot of fun together in the real world.

They hung out together a lot in California, hit up Disneyland together, and even lived in the home of Todrick Hall for a short time. Recently, they spent a week apart as Joseph went back to visit family, but in the video below, fans got to see them reunite.

More Big Brother news

Speaking of relationships that developed due to Big Brother 24, Alyssa Snider shared photos of Kyle Capener as he came down to Florida for a visit.

Not too long after BB24 ended, Alyssa went home, so this was the first time that the former showmance had seen each other in a while. Kyle even shared a TikTok skit that he did with Alyssa to celebrate their reunion.

Big Brother 24 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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