Nicole Anthony updates Big Brother fans on wedding plans

Nicole Anthony Swimsuit
Nicole Anthony from Big Brother got married. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Nicole Anthony from Big Brother 21 and Big Brother 22 spoke about her wedding plans during a new Instagram Live session.

While hanging out with her fiancé, the couple decided to go live as they unpacked many purchases from Spirit.

The Halloween store was having a huge post-holiday sale, and the couple decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to stock up on supplies.

In the video shared below, we see Nicole and Brian Lefty Fontanez enjoying their time with quite a few new Halloween decorations that will be on display next year.

The couple got engaged back in May and often post on social media about their adventures together.

They recently dressed up for Halloween, taking on a horror theme with their costumes. Here are Big Brother Halloween photos that include alums from over the years.

Nicole and Brian talk about their wedding plans

About an hour into the video shared below, Nicole and Brian start addressing many questions and comments from their followers about the wedding.

They both mentioned that they would love to have a Halloween wedding. Nicole also stated that she wanted to wear a white wedding dress but then a black dress to the party.

Nicole then came clean about having nothing officially planned for their wedding yet, and she even asked her fans for suggestions and advice. They do know that they don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t drink much, so it would not include an extensive bar.

They have contacted a venue, but it had a minimum of 250 guests, and they want a smaller wedding. Regarding a wedding date, we will have to wait a bit longer to find out what the couple has decided upon. She also doesn’t have a dress in hand yet.

More Big Brother news

There is a lot of engagement news going on in the world of Big Brother right now.

BB24 cast member Matt Turner just got engaged. He popped the question to his girlfriend once he was back in the real world.

And one of the people who played BB22 with Nicole is also getting married. Cody Calafiore got engaged to his long-term girlfriend, and the Big Brother winner had a lot to say about the proposal.

To go back and watch Nicole Anthony playing Big Brother, her seasons (BB21 and BB22) are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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