Big Brother’s Cody Calafiore talks about planning proposal that ‘blindsided’ his girlfriend

Cody C Big Brother
Cody Calafiore has appeared on two seasons of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore shared how he proposed to his long-time girlfriend and how he got a bit nervous as the big day finally arrived.

Cody got engaged to his girlfriend, Cristie Laratta, on October 22. He then took to social media to share images from when he popped the question.

The couple had been together for a while, and Cody mentioned her several times while taking part in Big Brother 22.

It was during Big Brother 16 that fans first met Cody for the first time, and he made it to the end thanks to some impressive gameplay and several really strong alliances.

As a member of the BB16 cast, Cody finished as runner-up to Derrick Levasseur, but Cody would then get invited back to participate in Big Brother All-Stars 2 (BB22).

On the BB22 season, Cody won first place, making it all the way to the end, thanks to timely competition wins and some really strong alliances. He then beat out Enzo Palumbo in the final vote.

Cody talks about proposing to Cristie

“I had planned a dinner with family to make Cristie think it was just another Saturday. I was so calm leading up to the proposal right until we got into the car and were on our way. At that point, I started rambling. Cristie became suspicious because I was acting strange!” Cody stated about the engagement day.

It all took place at Riverside Garden Pak in Red Bank, New Jersey, where Cody had selected a location that overlooked the water. That’s where the pictures were taken that are shared in the Instagram post below.

Cody says that Cristie was ‘blindsided’ by the proposal

“Although she was slightly suspicious after my rambling in the car, she was still completely blindsided,” Cody said about the big proposal.

There may have been a moment that added a lot of stress to the situation, though, as Cody also stated, they came across a young girl who said, “You should ask her to marry you!” as they were walking through the park.

Despite being in “panic mode” after the young girl’s comments, Cody was able to pop the question and get exactly the answer he was looking for.

“When she saw the flowers and the note, seeing her face light up made me so emotional. I felt like my stomach was in my throat when asking her to marry me,” Cody elaborated.

Now, we are all excitedly waiting to find out which Big Brother alums will get invited to the wedding to celebrate the big day with the newly-engaged couple.

Many Big Brother alums dress up for Halloween this year, including Cody and Cristie (seen in the image above).

Big Brother 25 airs in the Summer of 2023 on CBS.

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