Daniel Durston from Big Brother 24 gives new interview and reveals his BB24 crush, fallout with Nicole

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Daniel Durston finished in 12th place in the Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 24 houseguest Daniel Durston gave a new interview about his time in the game, providing more of his opinions and thoughts about the season.

Daniel mentioned many interesting things in the interview, including his belief that a trio of himself, Terrance Higgins, and Kyle Capener would have dominated the game as an alliance.

Later, he also spoke about how he wanted the Big Brother 24 final three to be himself, Terrance, and Nicole Layog.

One of the things that Daniel is most remembered for on the show is his friendship with Nicole. That and when he went after Taylor Hale in the bathroom during a very awkward verbal attack.

Daniel says that what Big Brother fans didn’t see is that he sat down with Taylor and apologized to her after that bathroom sequence and that Taylor was the first one to hug him after she won the $750,000 prize.

As for Daniel’s crush from the BB24 cast, he stated that it was Ameerah Jones, who he also felt was one the best players from his season.

Daniel Durston rails on BB24 cast members

While saying that he doesn’t care for “half of the house” during his interview, he also spoke about how he felt Matt Turner changed when he won Head of Household. Daniel then inferred that Turner wasn’t a good person after that.

Regarding Daniel’s friendship with Nicole, he states that the last time he talked to her was right after the season ended when she invited Monte Taylor to join a get-together that Daniel was going to be at. He was upset about Monte coming, and Daniel said he has never texted Nicole again after that day.

Below is the full video of Daniel’s interview with The Real Late Night Crew, and his portion begins at roughly the 1:46 mark. He goes into more depth about various houseguests, including him alluding that some of them are “fake” and just chasing “clout” after the season.

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Big Brother 24 is available for streaming on Paramount+.