Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother 23 returns to work at Hooters, puts troll in their place after online dig

Alyssa On BB23
Big Brother 2021 featured Alyssa Lopez as a houseguest. Pic credit: CBS/Cliff Lipson

Big Brother 23 alum Alyssa Lopez took to social media to quickly respond to a troll that was taking a dig at her job.

The online user, going by the posted name of Sasha Smierce, decided to go after Alyssa’s job, but this isn’t even the first time she has gone after people on Big Brother.

“A certain person from #bb23 is back working at Hooters. #bb24,” the Twitter user posted on social media.

“I’m confused why you think I should be embarrassed by this? To be able to pay my rent from 2 shifts at Hooters is amazing!” Alyssa wrote in a message that has already received more than 11,000 likes on the social media platform.

But she wasn’t done there, as she questioned why the person felt the need to go after the fact that she had a job.

“So many reality tv stars have actual jobs. We are normal human beings. I’m just real enough to show it. Come in my next shift I’II buy you a shot,” Alyssa ended her response.

Alyssa Lopez played on Big Brother 23

It was as part of the Big Brother 23 cast that fans of the show got to know Alyssa Lopez. She made it far in the game but ended up finishing in seventh place when The Cookout alliance cut her loose.

Alyssa went on a season of The Challenge after her time in the Big Brother house, but now it appears that she is back to having a steady job that she says is paying her very well.

More news from Big Brother

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The sad news came out that there is no Celebrity Big Brother 4 this winter, but we can still look forward to Big Brother 25 airing in the summer of 2023. A new cast of characters will be living in the house soon, shortly after their first meeting with host Julie Chen Moonves.

Big Brother 23 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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