Big Brother’s Hannah Chaddha says she came across Ryan Gosling while driving into oncoming traffic

Hannah On Big Brother 23
Hannah Chadda played Big Brother 2021. Cliff Lipson/CBS

Hannah Chadda from Big Brother 23 shared a story about her run-in with actor Ryan Gosling on social media.

As Hannah tells the story, it all came about when she made the mistake of driving into oncoming traffic recently.

Big Brother fans met Hannah when she was a member of the BB23 cast during the Summer of 2021.

The season concluded with Xavier Prather winning the $750,000 vote thanks to a unanimous vote over runner-up Derek Frazier.

Hannah finished in fifth place, but she was part of the most dominating alliance the show has ever seen.

A six-person alliance called The Cookout made it to the end of the season intact before they had to start turning on each other.

Hannah has a run-in with Ryan Gosling

“Kinda sorta notorious for being a bad driver so i accidentally made a U-turn into oncoming traffic and started panicking bc i could’ve been hit[sic],” Hannah wrote in a new tweet this weekend.

“So i’d personally like to thank ryan gosling for chuckling at me but more importantly letting me into his lane. LA is a weird place man[sic],” Hannah added.

Ryan Gosling is well-known for his starring roles in The Notebook, Baby Driver, La La Land, and many other hit films in Hollywood. He also has a new movie coming out called Barbie that co-stars Margot Robbie.

Hannah Chaddha Twitter
Pic credit: @Hannah_Chaddha/Twitter

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While there will be no Celebrity Big Brother 4 this year, fans can start looking forward to Big Brother 25 airing in the Summer of 2023. That new season appears ready to feature a brand-new group of people who want to compete for the $750,000 prize.

Big Brother 23 is streaming on Paramount+.