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Survivor spoilers: A look at the huge twist coming on the new episode

Survivor 41 Final 7
The Survivor 41 final seven have some tough choices ahead. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor spoilers may have already been revealed about the twist that is taking place on Season 41, Episode 11.

During the last episode of Survivor 41, Shan got eliminated. She was taken out through a blindside at Tribal Council that she never saw coming.

Since then, the Ponderosa video featuring Shan was also released, allowing Survivor fans to see her immediate reactions after that fateful Tribal Council. It humanized her quite a bit as she reunited with the last few people who had been voted out.

In the TV promo for the new episode of Survivor, we see host Jeff Probst tell the final seven castaways that it is time for another twist. And based on the episode title, which is Do or Die, we think that this is the major twist that had been hinted at by some previous Survivor spoilers.

A look at the possible Do or Die twist on Survivor

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, rumors of a game-ending twist for one castaway have been floating around for a while. If it’s true, then we could be looking at two castaways getting eliminated during the new Survivor episode on December 1.

How could the Do or Die twist work for the Survivor 41 cast?

It appears that the new twist will have host Jeff Probst telling the castaways that the first person eliminated from the next Individual Immunity Challenge will have their game put at risk with the twist. It has been compared to a coin flip, with a 50-50 shot of that person getting eliminated at Tribal Council before the voting takes place.

It also looks like the final seven castaways will have an opportunity to opt-out of the Immunity Challenge and possibly escape having to go through the Do or Die twist. The big risk there, though, is that they would be giving up the chance to win Individual Immunity, thus putting them at risk of getting voted out at Tribal Council.

All of this should still be considered unconfirmed conjecture, but some of it comes directly from the fan site, Inside Survivor, which typically has the inside scoop about current and upcoming seasons of the show.

So if the rumors are correct, an important decision faces each of the final seven castaways. Do they have enough confidence in themselves to not be the first person out of the challenge? Or is it a challenge worth opting out of because they feel so safe at the next Tribal Council?

No matter how the twist plays out in the game, this is something that Survivor fans are not going to want to miss. So, make sure to tune in for the December 1 episode to see how the twist impacts who might make it to the end of this season.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.