Survivor: New episode promo shows the fallout from Shan elimination

Ricard Wins Immunity On Survivor
Ricard made it all the way to the Survivor 41 final seven. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor returns with a new episode on Wednesday night that just might turn the tide for one of the members of this cast.

It was on the last episode of Survivor 41 that Shan got eliminated at Tribal Council in another epic blindside.

Shan never really saw it coming, and she was voted out of the game with an Individual Immunity Idol still in her pocket.

It was a very similar scenario to what happened the previous week when Naseer was also eliminated while holding an Immunity Idol.

Now, Survivor fans are in for a lot of drama as we get to see the fallout that takes place after Shan’s alliance broke up and turned on her.

Survivor promo for December 1 episode

In the TV promo for this new episode of Survivor 41, we see Liana livid with Danny and DeShawn after what happened at the last Tribal Council. The trio was supposed to be in a final four alliance with Shan, but it didn’t end up playing out that way.

The fateful Tribal Council started out with a 3-3-2 tie between Shan and Liana (Erika also got two votes), and then finished off with a unanimous 6-0 vote to send Shan to the Survivor 41 jury. Liana and Shan were the only two people to vote for Erika as their alliance decided to go in a different direction without them.

In the clip shared below, we also get to see host Jeff Probst letting the final seven castaways know that there is going to be a huge twist with the next Individual Immunity Competition.

A Survivor twist and some possible spoilers

The Survivor 41 schedule is winding down on CBS and there are only a few episodes left. Here is a breakdown of the Survivor TV schedule and when we will learn the name of the Survivor 41 winner.

The name of this new episode of Survivor (Do or Die) also gives a heavy hint about what might be taking place on Wednesday night.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, there were rumors floating around social media about a huge twist that was going to shake up the game. This looks like it might be the big day, and it is something that is certain to split Survivor fans right down the middle.

Jeff will reveal the details when the episode arrives, but it looks like someone’s game could come to an end almost immediately. This means that the episode might take us from the final seven all the way down to the final five castaways before the night is over.

Make sure that you do not miss a moment of the December 1 episode of Survivor 41, as it looks like a huge turning point in the game, no matter which two cast members get sent to join the jury.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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HAHA! Let the BOBC begin! I’m lovin it! Good riddance.

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