Survivor recap: A target saves themselves with Immunity

The Survivor 41 Final Eight
The final eight members of the Survivor 41 cast had to battle it out on a new episode. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 41 aired on Wednesday night and it was time to see some betrayals.

On the last episode of the show, Survivor fans saw as two Tribal Councils took place. It took the cast down to its final eight.

After the episode aired on CBS, Naseer Muttalif and Evvie Jagoda took the time to answer fan questions online.

As an added bonus, Naseer and Evvie were shown arriving at Ponderosa, where they would now be living as members of the Survivor 41 jury.

Survivor Reward Challenge

The final eight Survivor 41 cast members got to play in a new Reward Challenge early in the episode. Pizza was on the line for the winner, which would serve as a huge meal based on how little they have been able to eat during this season in Fiji.

Ricard won the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst let Ricard know that he could take three people with him to enjoy it and he took Shan, Xander, and Heather with him.

This gave people a chance to talk about getting others out. There was talk of getting DeShawn out within the first group, and back at camp, it was time to start chatting about really getting Ricard out. The editing set it up as a showdown between DeShawn and Ricard, with alliances about to get really tested.

Individual Immunity Challenge time

A familiar challenge took place, with the final eight people standing on a beam and balancing a ball on a platform. It’s a challenge that takes a lot of concentration and balance. Would this one last much longer than some of the really short challenges that have taken place so far on Season 41?

Liana was the first person out of the challenge. Danny was the second person out. Erika dropped as they were transitioning to the second round. Then, Heather was the fourth person out.

When Shan dropped out, that left just DeShawn, Xander, and Ricard competing for Immunity. DeShawn dropped out and finished in third place. Xander fell and finished in second place.

Ricard won Individual Immunity for the second time and it guaranteed him a spot in the final seven. This meant that any plans to vote out Ricard were now dead in the water.

Everything blew up at camp after Ricard became safe. With Ricard suddenly safe, there were a lot of new ideas getting thrown around. One of them was to force Xander to play his own Individual Immunity Idol.

Now that he knew he was safe, Ricard put the target on Shan, deciding that he needed to get her out before she went after him again following the next Immunity Challenge. Shan had told Ricard that people wanted him out, and DeShawn lied about it when Ricard questioned him.

Another dramatic Survivor 41 Tribal Council

At Tribal Council it seemed very tense and there were a lot of nervous people about what might happen with the vote. The only person who knew that they were safe was Ricard, possibly setting up a situation where Shan and Xander would need to use their Immunity Idols to stay safe.

When it came down to reading the votes, nobody announced that they were playing an Idol or an Advantage.

The votes were (in order), Erika, Erika, Shan, Liana, Shan, Liana, Shan, and Liana. That meant it was a tie between Shan and Liana, forcing a tiebreaker vote between just those two women.

In the re-vote, the votes were Shan, Shan, Shan, and Shan. Shantel Smith was the 11th person voted out and the fourth member of the Survivor 41 jury.

Looking forward, there are only a few more episodes of the show left. Here is the full Survivor 41 TV schedule for the upcoming weeks.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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ha haaaaaa the “four” infighting has erupted! loving it! bye felicia!!