Survivor recap: Tribal Council chaos and new alliances

Xander And Erika Survivor
Xander Hastings and Erika Casupanan bonded on a new episode of Survivor 41. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 41 aired a new episode on Wednesday night that was called Who’s Who in the Zoo.

This was Episode 9 of the Fall 2021 season for Survivor, and CBS let us know early that two people were getting voted out.

On the previous episode, it was Tiffany Seely who got voted off Survivor, and she became the first member of the jury.

Tiffany had been a surprise elimination and the promos for the new episode hinted at a lot of arguments and drama coming up at the beach.

Survivor 41, Episode 9 recap: Fiji drama for final 10

DeShawn was not pleased about what happened at the Tribal Council and he went to Heather about it during the first segment. The plan by the majority had been to get Heather out, but when Shan and DeShawn started arguing, it shifted to Tiffany getting voted out.

Evvie appeared worried about the block that had voted out Tiffany (DeShawn, Erika, Heather, Liana, Ricard, and Shan), and was shown speaking to Heather about it. Meanwhile, Xander was shown speaking about how he wanted to create chaos. He was the one who voted against Naseer, but Naseer accused Heather of doing it, which was grounded in the fact that Heather had campaigned against Naseer. Chaos!

Ricard had a segment where he revealed that he is completely deaf in his right ear. He said it makes it difficult for him in the game and leads to some paranoia if he can’t hear one side of the camp.

Danny, DeShawn, Liana, and Shan broke off to have a meeting with just the four of them as Xander and Erika were sitting nearby, and the duo was not happy at all that the quartet wasn’t including them.

A new Individual Immunity Challenge – With a twist

Jeff Probst divided the 10 castaways into two groups. Each group would be competing for immunity. It meant two people would win Individual Immunity during the episode, and it also meant that two people would get voted out. Chicken and beef stew would go to the winning team as a reward.

The Yellow Team was Erika, Shan, Ricard, Naseer, and Heather.

The Blue Team was DeShawn, Liana, Danny, Xander, and Evvie.

Evvie was the first person out. Heather was out soon after that, and then Liana and Shan dropped as well. A short time later, Danny fell, leaving just five people competing. Ricard was out sixth.

When Naseer dropped, it meant Erika won Individual Immunity. She fell out soon, meaning the Blue Team would win the feast, with two people left competing from that side (DeShawn and Xander).

DeShawn dropped out and Xander won Individual Immunity.

The teams were sent to separate camps before they would go to Tribal Council later in the evening. DeShawn, Liana, Danny, Xander, and Evvie got to at least enjoy a feast first.

Chaos ahead of Tribal Councils

Ahead of Tribal Council, Xander was working hard to break up the trio of Liana, DeShawn, and Danny. He floated that he might give his Immunity Idol to Evvie to protect her, possibly putting the trio at risk if they didn’t work with Xander.

At the other camp, Erika and Heather worked on a plan to get Naseer out. Ricard was keen on doing that as well in order to get Naseer’s Immunity Idol out of the game. Ricard went to Shan about using that extra vote and they argued for a while about what should happen next (Shan wanted Heather out).

First Tribal Council for Episode 9

Erika, Shan, Ricard, Naseer, and Heather arrived at the first Tribal Council and things got started as Tiffany watched on.

The votes were (in order) Heather, Naseer, Heather, Heather, Naseer, and Naseer. It meant that Shan had voted for Heather and used the extra vote on Heather as well. The tie meant that they would vote again, with Heather and Naseer sitting it out.

In the re-vote, the votes were (in order) Naseer, Naseer, and Naseer. Naseer Muttalif became the ninth person voted out and he still had an Immunity Idol in his pocket. Naseer immediately went over to the Survivor 41 jury to sit next to Tiffany.

Second Tribal Council for Episode 9

DeShawn, Liana, Danny, Xander, and Evvie arrived for the second Tribal Council and they were amazed to see Naseer now on the jury.

When they got to the voting, the votes were (in order) Liana, Evvie, Liana, Evvie, and Evvie. That meant Evvie Jagoda became the tenth person voted out.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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dont ya just love how survivor is rigging every “twist” in favor of the racist alliance? n please.