Survivor 42 spoilers: Fans should expect familiar twists to return

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The Survivor 42 cast is ready to watch their season. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 42 spoilers are already starting to float around, including the names of the cast members and what will take place during the new season.

There are also some rumored Survivor 42 cast bios you can read here, but that isn’t the focus of this particular article.

This new season of Survivor was filmed right after Erika Casupanan became the Season 41 winner in Fiji. It means that the production team was working with a lot of the same sets and ideas on Survivor 42 that had been introduced in the previous season.

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And because the producers were very enamored with some of the twists before Survivor fans had weighed in on them, we should expect some familiar moments of Season 41 to appear in Season 42 as well.

The return of the Survivor Beware Advantage

“If you take it, it’s yours and you must do what it says. Otherwise, leave it,” reads the Beware Advantage that returns on Survivor 42.

Survivor fans first saw this new wrinkle in the game appear on Survivor 41, where a person at each of the three original tribe beaches found it. Once found and opened, the person then had to use a secret phrase at an Immunity Challenge in order to potentially receive an Individual Immunity Idol.

With the twist came a downside, as the people saying the phrases lost their Tribal Council vote until all three people had spoken the words. At that point, the three-way Immunity Idol was activated. Shan Smith, Xander Hastings, and Naseer Muttalif were the three castaways who used the Beware Advantage.

Shan and Naseer got voted out at Tribal Council without even using their Immunity Idols, and Xander really never had to use his either. The overall impact of the twist on Survivor 41 was negligible, but it could potentially lead to a different outcome on Survivor 42.

'Survivor 42' First Look Trailer | New Season Next Spring

Survivor 42 is on the way with a mystery theme

While the Survivor 42 season has already been filmed in Fiji, the producers have been keeping the overall theme a mystery. As showcased with the new logo for Season 42 (seen below), a maze and locks are somehow tied into what is going to be happening.

It also looks like the familiar format for the ending is still in place, where anyone who makes it to the final three on Survivor gets paid really well. And no, we don’t know if Sia plans on giving out any money to her favorite player taking part in this next season.

What we do know is that the Spring 2022 season of Survivor arrives with a season premiere episode on Wednesday, March 9. Then, it’s off to the races and, hopefully, Survivor fans get a season packed with exciting game moves and a lot of intriguing moments that lead to another unpredictable season finale.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

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1 year ago

Oh boy! Wont be watching.

Barbara Bozic Conner
Barbara Bozic Conner
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Can’t wait!!!