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Survivor 42 promo: Is Jonathan Young in trouble on new episode?

Survivor 42 Episode 4
Another exciting episode of Survivor arrives for Season 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 42 airs on Wednesday night and CBS is running a promo on television to convince people to tune in.

Based just on the promo, there appear to be a few people who are going to be targeted ahead of the next Tribal Council.

On the last episode of Survivor, Jonathan Young nearly won a tribe Immunity Challenge by himself. Then, at a really dramatic Tribal Council, it was Jenny Kim who got voted out of the game.

Now, the final 14 castaways are back for an all-new episode that will debut on Wednesday, March 30. It begins at 8/7c on CBS and it will air right before the third episode of Beyond the Edge.

Survivor 42, Episode 4 TV promo

Below is the TV promo that is currently running for the March 30 episode of Survivor 42. It doesn’t give away any big spoilers, but it definitely shows that Jonathan and Daniel Strunk are now in the crosshairs of other contestants.

More news about Survivor 42 season

After she got voted out of the game, Jenny Kim took the time to answer questions from Survivor fans. She spoke about what she might have done differently if she knew ahead of time what was going to take place at that eventful Tribal Council.

Survivor host Jeff Probst also spoke about shutting down a challenge that he called “dangerous” during the last episode. He wanted to assure the fans of the show that the castaways are always safe, even if it looks like they could be close to drowning in a water challenge like the one that two tribes couldn’t complete.

Just to recap what has taken place so far this season, four castaways have been eliminated from competing for the $1 million prize. The season itself was filmed last summer, so the results are already known by the producers of the show and it’s just a matter of presenting the episodes.

So far, the four people who have been sent home on Survivor 2022 are Jackson Fox (Taku), Zach Wurtenberger (Ika), Marya Sherron (Taku), and Jenny Kim (Vati). None of them made it to the Survivor 42 jury, so they won’t be voting on the winner later this season.

And something that is definitely worth noting is that the last episode of Survivor led all of TV in viewership numbers for that Wednesday evening. Winning the timeslot in Season 42 is a pretty big deal, and it proves that the reality competition show still has staying power with the fans.

Can Survivor win another week in the TV ratings? It’s possible, because the One Chicago shows are on hiatus at NBC, taking away some of the stiff competition that normally airs on Wednesday nights.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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