Jenny Kim from Survivor 42 answered fan questions after elimination

Jenny Kim Voted Off Survivor
Jenny Kim was the fourth person eliminated from Survivor 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Former Survivor 42 castaway Jenny Kim has been answering questions from fans after her elimination from the show.

Her tribe went to Tribal Council for the first time during the last episode, leading to a lot of shocking moments as they tried to figure out how to navigate two people not having votes. Jenny wound up on the wrong side of the final vote.

It was the same episode that Jonathan Young completely took over an Immunity Challenge, so ending the night with a dramatic Tribal Council made it an extremely memorable installment for Survivor fans.

Since then, Survivor host Jeff Probst has spoken about having to halt that challenge. A lot of viewers had been concerned about the safety of the people playing the game, so he answered a lot of questions about it.

Jenny Kim talks to Survivor fans

Below are some videos that were posted on social media where Jenny answers Survivor fan questions that have been posed to her.

In these first two videos, Jenny talks about not being shocked when the votes were read off at Tribal Council after Chanelle Howell was off on her own and then what she would have done differently had she been provided with all of the information before the tribe had to vote.

In these next two videos, Jenny spoke a bit about what she would have done if she lasted longer in the game and then why she never partnered up with Hai Giang and Lydia Meredith when it might have been a way to last longer in Fiji.

More new episodes of Survivor 42 to come

With four people now eliminated from competing for the $1 million prize, we are getting even closer to when a tribe swap is going to take place. That’s going to be dangerous territory for Jonathan, especially after he showed how much of a competitor he was during the last Immunity Challenge.

Some Survivor fans may not have heard the good news yet about the future of the show. CBS put in an order for Survivor 43 and Survivor 44, showing that the network is intent on keeping the reality competition show going for many more seasons.

For the episode that just aired on Wednesday night, Survivor 42 was the most-watched show on television that evening. That’s great news for the network, the fans, the producers, and, of course, the advertisers who pay a lot of money for commercial time each week.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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