Stephen Wissmann: Who is the man rumored to be courting Jana Duggar?

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar may be courting Stephen Wissmann. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is rumored to be in a courtship with a man named Stephen Wissmann. The evidence surfaced earlier this week, but so far, a confirmation has not been given. 

There have been several years of speculation about Jana’s personal life. She was linked to Lawson Bates a few different times, some viewers questioned whether she was romantically involved with her BFF Laura DeMasie, and then there were whispers of a connection to Caleb Williams, but nothing ever came to fruition. 

So now, Counting On fans and followers want to know more about Stephen, the man who could possibly be important in Jana’s life. 

Who is Stephen Wissmann? 

The bare bones of it are quite simple. Stephan Wissmann and his family have known the Duggar family for years. They follow the same belief system and essentially belong to the same social circle. 

On the Wissmann family website, his bio reads, “Stephen is a man of many talents. He enjoys being a pilot, assistant manager of Wissmann Enterprises, Inc., making small furniture, and being physically active through workouts and sports. He is gifted in initiating conversations that encourage and challenge, and he has a heart for ministry. He directs a lot of our music arrangements, plays mandolin and guitar, and sings lead and bass.”

Seeing that he is involved in music is something he and Jana Duggar have in common. She is musical as well, often sharing videos of herself on the piano through her Instagram account or the main Duggar family one. 

His birthday is listed as July 15 and he is reportedly 27 currently. There is a four-year age gap between him and Jana, though now that they are older, it isn’t a big deal. 

The Wissmann family has an Instagram account with a little under seven thousand followers. Stephen has his own account. James Duggar is the only one from the Duggars following him at this point. His bio reads, “Business manager. Musician. Fine woodworker. Pilot. II Timothy 3:16-17”

He is not following anyone except his own family, and it is worth noting that his first photo shared was from December 2020 which is when Jana allegedly spent Christmas with his family. 

Why is he rumored to be courting Jana Duggar? 

Evidence about a possible courtship came by way of a Reddit thread where a photo that was once shared to the Wissmann blog (it has since been deleted) surfaced. Sitting near Stephen Wissman is a woman who is hidden by the Christmas tree but resembles Jana Duggar. 

Of course, it is impossible to confirm without either party speaking out, but it is likely that this could be the man Jana is exploring a relationship with. 

Followers are interested to see if Jana Duggar will announce a courtship now that Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are married. There is no longer a big event to overshadow, and a courtship of this magnitude could make the family a lot of money if announced properly. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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