Is Jana Duggar courting? Here’s why fans think so

Jana Duggar on Counting On.
Jana Duggar may be courting. Pic credit: TLC

There are plenty of courting rumors circulating within the Duggar family right now but the most surprising is Jana Duggar.

Currently, there is speculation she is courting a pilot from Nebraska name Stephen Wissmann. He is part of another family who shares the same beliefs as the Duggars, which makes this even more believable.

While there has been no confirmation, it appears that this could actually be happening. Jana has been linked to several men over the years, but nothing ever came to fruition. Now, it looks like this is the most plausible lead followers have had in years.

Why do followers think Jana Duggar is courting?

According to a Reddit thread, Jana Duggar was spotted at the Wissmann Christmas seated next to Stephen. The family was also spotted over the weekend in Texas, and at Magnolia Market where Jana, Laura DeMasie, and Jason Duggar were spotted ahead of Justin and Claire’s wedding.

After news of the possible courtship began spreading, The Sun reached out to Stephen for a comment, asking whether he and Jana Duggar were courting. It was noted by the publication that he did not deny the courtship, he simply replied, “I’m busy with work.”

Stephen Wissmann isn’t a bad-looking guy, and honestly, he is probably a really great fit for Jana. He is 27 and she is 31. She has talked about finding the one and it was revealed that several offers of courtship had been extended, but no one has felt like the right one for the eldest Duggar daughter.

That may have all changed.

Many courting announcements for the Duggars

This has been a big week for speculation about Duggars courting. Not only is Jana Duggar rumored to be seeing someone, but two of her brothers are as well.

Jedidiah Duggar has been talked about a lot over the last several months. From the loss of his political race to him possibly having a “sweetheart” who was outed by Jessa Duggar, it appears that he may be headed down the aisle in just a little under two months.

Ironically, Jeremiah Duggar is also rumored to be courting. In fact, the twins are both separately linked to the same women and no one is quite sure which one is with who. Katelyn Nakatsu and Lauren Caldwell are the two ladies linked to the Duggar men. Of course, no confirmation has come from them either.

For now, everything is speculation, but viewers hope that Jana Duggar has finally found love.

Counting On is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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