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Sister Wives: Trolls accuse Meri of ‘guilting’ Christine into staying, tell her to stop ‘kissing up’ to Kody

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri set the record straight when trolls accused her of “guilting” Christine and “kissing up” to Kody. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown of Sister Wives called out trolls again on social media when one accused her of “guilting” Christine into staying with the family and another said she “kisses up” to her husband, Kody.

The first troll was referring to a scene from the Sister Wives finale episode when Christine lost her composure and Meri took her to the side to console her.

Kody and his four wives had met at Coyote Pass to discuss their communication issues and Christine’s desire to move back to Utah.

When Christine realized that the rest of the spouses weren’t on board with her idea to move, and that Kody left her hanging without his support, Christine broke down.

None of the other spouses, including Kody, tried to console Christine, except for Meri.

Meri’s troll tweeted, @MeriBrown1 admits she doesn’t have a husband and wife relationship, but she’ll still guilt Christine into staying so she can have a loveless marriage too #sisterwives.”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri responded to a troll who accused her of guilting Christine into staying. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Meri quoted and retweeted the post and replied with her own take on things: “I’m sorry you perceived that as guilt. Maybe it was just support and encouragement you think? But that’s ok, I know what’s in my heart.”

Was there some truth to the trolls statement about a ‘loveless’ marriage?

At the end of the scene in the episode, Christine admitted that the relationship she has with Kody is not what she wants, nor did she want the relationship that Meri has with Kody.

Fans might agree with the troll’s statement that she’s in a “loveless marriage” with Kody. They even admitted that they aren’t a couple anymore and they don’t share anything intimately as husband and wife.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri swears she wasn’t “kissing up” to Kody. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

In another tweet, one of Meri’s followers tagged her and Kody and wrote, “Oh @MeriBrown1 stop kissing up to @realkodybrown!!

Meri fired back with her response: “Oh friend, I’m not a kiss up. You obviously don’t know me ?‍♀️”

Many fans question why Meri chooses to stay after being continually mistreated

It makes sense that fans would have trouble understanding why Meri chooses to stay with Kody, given his mistreatment toward her, especially this season.

Though the troll didn’t specifically mention what Meri did or said that was considered “kissing up,” some might speculate that her overall attitude towards Kody could be portrayed as such.

Kody continually demeans Meri, ignores her, and vents on and off-screen about their marriage issues. Meri seems to just choose not to fuel the fire and instead take the high road when she feels attacked by Kody and by trolls on social media.

TLC has yet to announce whether they’ll be airing a tell-all special like they’ve done in seasons past.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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