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Sister Wives’ Meri Brown doesn’t believe Kody would take care of her if she got sick

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

In a new clip of the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, the Browns discussed what would happen if one of them were to get sick with COVID-19 and not surprisingly, Meri and Kody had different takes on the question.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Browns have made some tough decisions about quarantining such a large family. And they were recently hit with a stark reality: what they would do if one of them became ill?

During his couch confessional, Kody claimed it was the first time he’d even thought about the prospect of one of his wives contracting the virus. He mentioned his fourth wife Robyn, saying that if she got sick, his instincts would be to “nurse” her and help take care of their two biological kids, Solomon and Ariella.

Kody claimed the same would “go for any wife, period.”

Would everyone believe that Kody would treat all of his wives the same?

Viewers have watched Kody and Meri’s relationship fall apart over the last few seasons. Kody has been more candid about the state of their separation, while Meri has claimed things between them are fine.

Given the state of their strained relationship, it may be hard for anyone to believe that Kody would offer the same care to his estranged first wife.

Not surprisingly, Meri didn’t agree with what Kody claimed

Meri confessed to the cameras how things would go down if she were to get sick, and it didn’t jive with Kody’s comments.

“If I was to get sick, nothing would happen. I’d just be at home, alone, sick. Nobody comes over here anyway, umm, we don’t see each other.”

That statement doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as Kody recently admitted that he doesn’t visit his estranged wife Meri at her house and only sees her “once in blue moon.

A director prompted Meri during her confessional. He explained that Kody’s version of the story was that he would care for any of his wives if they were to get sick.

Meri smirked and said, “I disagree with him” with a nervous laugh. 

Kody’s other wives revealed their plans if one of them got sick

Janelle had her turn on the confessional couch and explained that if she were to get sick, she’d tell Kody to “stay away.” That wasn’t the first time Kody’s second wife told him to stay away during quarantine.

Janelle said, “God forbid something really horrible happens to me and I end up in the ICU or something, like, I need one of their parents whole and well.”

She admitted that her kids are at the ages where they can care for themselves. Janelle and Kody have three kids still living at home: Garrison, 22, Gabriel, 19 and Savanah, 16.

For Christine’s turn on the confessional couch, she revealed her plan, which was similar to her sister wife Janelle’s.

“If we got sick in our house, Kody wouldn’t come over. There’s no way,” Christine revealed.

“We would quarantine ourselves and just hunker down ourselves and do our best to, um, doctor each other while we’re all sick,” she continued. “It would be terrible, yeah. No, we would just quarantine even more so but definitely Kody wouldn’t come over if we got sick.”

Robyn revealed that she wouldn’t tell Kody to stay away from his other wives if they fell ill

Kody’s fourth wife Robyn’s take on the hypothetical situation was that she knows it’s logical to tell Kody to stay away.

“But I can’t tell Kody that,” she said.

Robyn didn’t feel it was right for her to tell Kody to stay away from another wife if they were deathly ill. 

She told cameras, “What if someone’s super, super ill and that’s their last week of life? I’m gonna sit there and tell Kody to stay away from them? No.”

The scene reinforced the fact that Kody and his wives are living four separate lives, rather than as one cohesive plural family.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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