Kody Brown says his wives are more comfortable when they’re farther apart and less interactive

Kody Brown and his wives of Sister Wives
Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine. Pic credit: TLC

In another preview trailer for Sister Wives, Kody Brown talked about his wives’ interactions with each other, or rather lack thereof.

He said that when he and his first wife Meri were newlyweds, he looked at other polygamist men and their wives, and was critical of how they interacted with each other. Now, he’s facing the same predicament himself 25 years later. Kody admitted that his wives don’t want to be together that much and says, “because if they did, they would.”

He explained that his ideal would be that the entire family is always interacting and living near each other. Kody doesn’t believe that’s what his wives want, because they aren’t comfortable with it.

He also claimed that his wives are “so much more comfortable here with us being farther apart and less interactive.” He continued, “It worries them, makes them question, ‘what is our family culture?’”

The Brown family patriarch’s latest confessional clip follows a common theme fans have seen for the upcoming season: separation. Since the family fled Lehi, Utah (where the family all lived under one roof) and moved to Las Vegas, the individual families and monogamous-like marriages have become more pronounced.

Each wife built her own home in a cul-de-sac in Vegas, and the setup seemed to be a perfect one for the Browns. Having all four of his wives and all of his children in close proximity, but still living under separate roofs, seemed ideal. But in true Kody fashion, he got the urge to uproot the family once again, and they moved to Flagstaff in 2018, where the family currently resides.

Coyote Pass was supposed to be the answer to the family’s living situation

Kody and his four wives purchased property on Coyote Pass in Flagstaff with the intention of building homes on individual lots once all their homes back in Vegas sold. The last of the four homes sold, as detailed in last week’s episode, but Kody informed his wives that they weren’t in the financial position to begin building.

That news might have been harder for some wives more than others given that their living arrangements differ so vastly. Robyn and Kody purchased a $890,000 home after months of debating whether to rent or buy. Meri lives alone in a huge $1 million rental home with four acres. Christine also owns her home, which she and Kody purchased for $520,000. And Janelle rents a three-bedroom, three-bath $460,000 home.

Viewers saw a disagreement erupt between Meri and Kody over her chosen lot at Coyote Pass, and fourth wife Robyn stepped in to extinguish the tension. Many fans believe that Kody is planning on making Robyn his sole, monogamous wife.

Does Kody want to try the monogamous life with wife Robyn?

Kody has recently stated in interviews that he spends most of his time at wife Robyn’s house, due to her having the youngest children still at home who require help with virtual learning. Kody also called out Christine for not following pandemic quarantine protocols resulting in fewer visits with his third wife and her children.

He recently divulged that he and his first wife, Meri have been split for nearly four or five years. Janelle, arguably the most logical and level-headed of the group, hasn’t been cast in any negative light by Kody; but their relationship has always leaned more towards a business friendship than a romantic marriage.

With the news that Kody wants to build rental properties on Coyote Pass in addition to homes for his wives, fans of the show are curious to see how everything plays out. With such a large family, including four wives,18 children, and two grandchildren (with one more on the way), the number of possible disasters is infinite.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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