Sister Wives’ family friend speaks out about Meri’s separation from the family, blames it on her

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
A family friend of the Browns claimed Meri has “deep-rooted jealousy” issues. Pic credit: TLC

A friend of the Brown family, Kendra Pollard-Parra, revealed some insider information about Meri and her disconnection from the rest of the family.

Kendra, who is a close friend of Kody’s fourth wife Robyn, got right down to business when she spoke with Us Weekly.

“No one’s close to Meri. The only reason that you guys are seeing Meri is because she’s on a TV contract.”

Kendra doesn’t believe Meri lives by her faith’s moral code

“Meri has been out of the picture. Nobody is close to Meri. Meri has her own world, her own circle of friends. She doesn’t even live by that, I would call it, the moral code anymore of her faith.”

“She’s very open and honest about it. She doesn’t hide it. There’s no secrets out there. She doesn’t care. She’s an open book.”

Even though it appeared that Meri and Kody’s relationship is dissolved, Kendra revealed that Meri is still holding onto hope. Kendra seemed to blame their marriage troubles on Meri.

“The only thing she’s still hanging on [to] is the fact that she loves Kody and they may, at some point, have something they don’t. That is long dead, and yes, she created that for herself.”

Meri and Kody have both confirmed that they don’t see each other and Kendra affirmed their separation.

Kendra confirmed that Meri and Kody are separated

“They don’t see each other anymore. They only see each other for, like, basically filming purposes or, I mean, maybe a holiday. I’m saying maybe because it’s not even a thing.”

Kendra’s statements align with what Kody has been saying about his estranged marriage to Meri. Kody recently admitted that their marriage has “dissolved.”

“Over the past year, definitely not even 100% because of COVID. There’s no relationship at all. He does not trust her. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her.”

Kendra alleged that Meri is responsible for her distance from Kody and the rest of the family.

“I’ve witnessed her behavior in person. I’ve witnessed her moodiness and hatefulness and, like, jealousy — like, deep-rooted jealousy. And she has no accountability for that.”

Meri recently spoke out about jealousy, and her claims didn’t match Kendra’s accusations.

“She instead allows herself to be put on a pedestal. Everyone thinks poor Meri, poor Meri, poor Meri. They don’t take for a minute to pay attention to how she possibly treats people because they don’t show it at all.”

Kendra revealed a hardened side of Meri that viewers have gotten glimpses of recently on the show. Meri has made it clear to her haters, though, that she knows her worth.

“I don’t think she makes herself available for any of that. I think she’s very stubborn. As a matter of fact, I know she’s very stubborn. She’s not going to let certain things be filmed.”

Meri does what she pleases

“She won’t go into that, and she’ll just knock them. She’ll be like, ‘Sorry, I’m not doing that.’ It’s made it really hard for that family.”

Some fans of the show may feel that Kendra’s interview was done in poor timing, given that Meri recently lost her mother. But at the same time, she revealed a lot of information that many have already speculated about Meri.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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