Siesta Key sneak peek: Sam freaks out over video of Juliette with another man

Siesta Key's Sam Logan and Juliette Porter.
Sam Logan freaks out about video of Juliette Porter and a new man on Siesta Key. Pic credit: MTV

The drama between Sam Logan and Juliette Porter is set to explode on tonight’s new episode of Siesta Key.

In a previous episode, Juliette was crushed after Sam was flaunting his new hookup, Meghan Bischoff, all over social media.

When Juliette returned from Paris, Sam went ahead and deep cleaned his entire home in hopes that ridding his home of every trace of Meghan would help him get Juliette back.

Now, it seems that Juliette may be seeing what other options are out there as she was spotted snuggling up to another man in a video clip.

Sam didn’t take too kindly to the video and has a major reaction to what he sees.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan freaks out over video of Juliette Porter with another man

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Sam is seen hanging out with his friend Mike Vasquez.

He told Mike that he and Juliette had recently hooked up after she came home from a trip to Miami.

Sam quickly became deflated, however, when Mike showed him a video of Juliette getting cozy with a new man, her current boyfriend Clark Drum.

In the video, Juliette’s head was resting on Clark’s arm as the two of them sat close together on a couch.

The video infuriated Sam as he felt Juliette was doing to him exactly what he had done to her with Meghan.

He said, “She’s doing the same thing I was doing with Meghan, just clearly hiding and lying about it,” 

He also noted that she was wearing the same outfit that she had on the day they hooked up, making him believe she was with both of them on the same day.

Sam was clearly crushed by the footage and added, “I feel so f*****g stupid… I feel like I don’t even know this girl anymore, honestly.”

Juliette Porter regrets trying to make it work with Sam Logan

After Sam freaked out about the video of Juliette and Clark, Juliette admitted to her friend Lexie Salameh that she shouldn’t have tried to make things work when the relationship was “shattered.”

She said she “forgot how annoying he was” because he “thinks he’s right all the time.”

Juliette said she didn’t want to talk about Sam anymore and just wanted to focus on her clothing line.

She said, “I’m just done with Sam and I’m just ready to move on,”

Fans should tune in to tonight’s new episode of Siesta Key to see if the video is the final straw in their strained relationship.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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