Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri proposed to Christeline, how did she react?

Dimitri Snowden and Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife
On this week’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri formally proposed to Christeline Pic credit: TLC

Dimitri Snowden of Seeking Sister Wife officially proposed to potential sister wife Christeline Petersen this week. So how did she react to his proposal?

Dimitri planned a surprise date for Christeline after talking to his first wife Ashley ahead of time.

Dimitri told Ashley his intentions of proposing to Christeline, and she was fully on board with his decision.

Dimitri and Ashley planned a surprise for Christeline

Dimitri and Ashley planned a date for him and Christeline with the intention of surprising her by bringing her back to the house to propose marriage.

Christeline thought she and Dimitri were headed to a “venue” for their date, and halfway through driving around Los Angeles, he put a blindfold on her so she wouldn’t see where they were headed.

It turns out, Dimitri had Ashley and the kids preparing the backyard for their return, placing candles along the walkways and floating illuminated lilies in their pool, turning it into an “oasis.”

Christeline called staying with the Snowdens a ‘crash course’ in polygamy

“Dimitri and I have been through so much since the girls and I got here at the start of the pandemic. And it was a crash course in polygamy and living with the Snowdens in general,” Christeline said.

“So I feel like I’ve gotten a true sense of what it would be like to live in this plural family,” Christeline confessed to the cameras.

Back at the house, Ashley, her three kids and Christeline’s two daughters prepared the backyard for Dimitri and Christeline, though she didn’t tell them why they were decorating for fear they’d slip and let the secret out.

Ashley was hoping that Christeline would say yes to Dimitri’s proposal, but was aware there was a chance she may say no

“If Christeline says no to Dimitri’s proposal, I just don’t know what that would mean for our relationship. If that means, like, let’s pause and take some more time, or if that means, like, she has to say no because she actually doesn’t know that she wants to be here anymore,” Ashley confessed to the cameras.

Dimitri and Christeline ended up back at home as planned and she had no idea what was happening or where they were. When Dimitri took off her blindfold, she was truly surprised and wondered why they were in their own backyard with everything decorated.

“What is this?” Christeline asked Dimitri and she laughed and grabbed onto his shirt.

Dimitri officially popped the question and Christeline was ‘in shock’

“To show you how much I love you,” Dimitri replied before kneeling before her and telling her, “And so I would like to know if you and the girls will allow me to give you a home in my heart for forever. And I would like to know if you would marry me…will you?”

Christeline hesitated as she smiled, trying to take in everything happening, and paused for several seconds before answering, “Yes!”

“I’m just… I’m in shock. Ten years ago, I would not imagine myself in a polygamous relationship ever. And now I cannot see myself living without this family anymore,” Christeline revealed.

Dimitri presented her with a gold ankle bracelet to wear on her right ankle, that would be placed on her left ankle once they become married, as is the custom in his Cuban culture.

Fans who keep up with the show and everything happening off-camera know that their marriage didn’t last

Dimitri filed for divorce from Christeline earlier this month and claimed that she abandoned their marriage.

The divorce filing came on the heels of Christeline’s abuse allegations against both Dimitri and Ashley Snowden back in January when the South African native filed for orders of protection.

A judge later dismissed Christeline’s case and the temporary protective orders were dissolved.

Currently, Christeline is said to be in hiding, in fear for her life, and the Snowdens’ former sister wives Ariadne Joseph, Vanessa Cobbs, and Tayler Middleton have shown their support for her.

They even organized a GoFundMe page to help her and her daughters get back on their feet and buy essentials for themselves.

Next week, fans get to find out how Christeline’s family reacted to the news she’s engaged and in a plural relationship.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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