Seeking Sister Wife’s Christeline Petersen breaks her silence amid abuse scandal and divorce filing

Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife
Dimitri Snowden’s soon-to-be ex-wife Christeline Petersen broke her silence amid the abuse scandal on social media. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline Petersen has spoken out for the first time amid the abuse allegations against her exes, the Snowdens, and Dimitri’s recent divorce filing.

The South African native took to Instagram to share a selfie and a message for her followers regarding her estranged relationship with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden.

Christeline said she is ‘correcting and healing’ and that she ‘releases’ the Snowdens

Christeline’s selfie showed her with a serious face, new long, dark braids (a stark contrast from her usual short, blonde hair) and she captioned the pic, “Correcting and healing the mindset that attracted and tolerated them for so long. Thank you for being exactly what my growth needed to be for me, but now… I release you ??”

She didn’t specifically name the Snowdens in her post, and many believe that’s because she was forced to sign an NDA (non-disclosure act), limiting what she can discuss about what happened behind closed doors while she was with the Snowdens.

Another of Dimitri and Ashley’s exes, actress Ariadne Joseph, told interviewers recently that the Snowdens made all of their potential sister wives sign NDA’s, preventing them from speaking out.

Ariadne also released texts and emails exchanged between herself and the Snowdens, as well as TLC’s parent company.

Ariadne, along with the Snowdens’ other exes, Vanessa Cobbs and Tayler Middleton, all commented in support of Christeline on her post, in the form of heart emojis and an “I love you” from one of her ex-sister wives.

Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Christeline broke her silence amid the abuse scandal and divorce filing. Pic credit: @christeline.petersen/Instagram

Christeline’s followers showed their support for her

One of Christeline’s followers told her, “Am so sorry for what you had to go through. I know it’s hard especially being far away from home ??Sending you light and love??”

Another commented, “Sometimes we need these people these rough times for true growth, once we figure that out nothing can stop us. ❤️?”

Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Christeline’s followers showed their support for her in the comments. Pic credit: @christeline.petersen/Instagram

Earlier this year, Christeline alleged domestic abuse at the hands of both Dimitri and Ashley

Christeline filed for restraining orders against both Dimitri and Ashley on January 22, the day after Dimitri said the couple separated, per court documents obtained in his recent divorce filing.

Dimitri also claimed that Christeline abandoned the marriage, which is speculated was performed under a spousal visa to allow Christeline to stay in the country.

She claimed domestic abuse, alleging that Dimitri slammed her head into a headboard and choked her during sex, despite her telling him to stop. She also alleged that Ashley was verbally abusive and prevented her from leaving the home they shared. A judge later tossed the case and dissolved both restraining orders.

Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
The Snowdens’ other exes commented in support of Christeline speaking out. Pic credit: @christeline.petersen/Instagram

It’s speculated that Christeline was forced to sign an NDA

If, in fact, the Snowdens’ exes signed NDA’s, it would explain why none of them, except for Ariadne Joseph, have spoken out in detail about the abuse allegations, but it appears that there is still a lot of information being withheld.

Dimitri has yet to publicly address the allegations brought against him and his first wife, Ashley, though she has spoken out about the claims on a few occasions, without getting into specifics.

Clearly, there is more to this complicated story and hopefully the entire truth will be revealed with time.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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arlene e kuba
arlene e kuba
3 years ago

i thought it was surprising that demetris wife never appeared to be there both sorry the sister wives had to go through that.i hope they never get any more sister wives.there crazy